2 Days to GO! Cheshire County Champs 2020

We now only have 2 days to go until we begin 3 weekends of Cheshire County Championships and with this I am sure there is much excitement and glee.
Just a few reminders for all our TEAM:
  • All swimmers to arrive on pool deck in good time for their warm up, the team of Captains will be first on pool deck and will begin the mobility exercises as soon as possible once everyone has arrived.
  • We will be situated as always under the palm trees in the corner next to the small pool, we need all swimmers to arrive early.
  • All swimmers to wear Winsford gear and racing in a Winsford cap is always compulsory, all swimmers are representing Winsford.
  • Can all swimmers please report immediately to the team managers to check in, it will again aid us to know if we have everyone. also can all swimmers please let a team manager know if they are to leave poolside at any point, we wouldn't want anyone to miss a race.
  • All swimmers are expected to race in all events they have entered for, if for some reason there is a need to pull out due to illness for example please speak with a coach first.
  • There will be a team talk after every warm up of every session, can all swimmers please make sure they are under the palm trees at this point.
  • The environment pool side is very hot, lots of drink and healthy snacks will aid performance considerably.
  • Professional attitude will result in the best outcome, positivity is the only option for our team!
The Cheshire County Championships are so much fun, let's go there race fast and push each other on to some great swims. If we can all support each other and have 100% the right attitude, 100% of the time I am sure we will have a great Championship. Remember the Coaching and Team Managing Team are there to help all swimmers achieve their best results possible. We look forward to the racing ahead!
One final thing! The RELAYS, probably the most exciting afternoon of racing of the whole season. This year we also have mixed relays and the cannon, so in other words lots and lots of relays, we need a full team. It is so important that all our swimmers make themselves available and support the relays, and support the other relay team members. Relays are so much fun, I am sure everyone will make every effort to race for Winsford Swim team and their team mates.
Thanks and see you at the Cheshire Champs.

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