2 For the Price of 1 - Wigan Starter & Manchester Open Meet REPORTS

Over the weekend of the 12th & 13th May we had nearly 70 swimmers racing at two different meets in the North West of England. Over in Wigan we had a very large group of young swimmers racing in the annual Wigan Starter Meet. This meet had a number of purposes, whether it be for experience, attain QTs for the NM or Cheshire County Champs or to gain very first racing practice on a number of different events not raced before. Most importantly though it was a chance for us to go to Wigan as a Team and race together under the Winsford banner.
Unfortunately I wasn't in Wigan, due to being in Manchester, but from reports from people and online results it is clear to see we had a phenomenal two days in Wigan with a 95%, yes 95% PB Rate (thanks to Claire Brown for working this vital statistic out for me!) and a huge number of medals, 61 in total. 
GOLD: 14
The results were wonderful, truly wonderful for our club and our youngsters, with so much to be proud of. Yes life is not always a bed of roses, we had a few DQs, but do you know what that is completely and utterly normal, particularly at a young age. It's part of the game and we learn from these and come back stronger next time. Looking at the results what impressed me most was two things:
1) The number of swimmers racing over the 200m events was superb. I often say this but all our youngsters should be prioritising the middle and longer distance events and NOT the 50s and 100s. All younger swimmers are aerobic animals and it is imperative for them to be doing the distance in training and competition in order to have a successful swimming career. Its called building the engine for the future. 
2) The number of swimmers who for which the Wigan Meet was their very first away Open Meet. There were numerous swimmers experiencing an away meet for the very first time, so well done to those swimmers. I am sure you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next meet on the calendar.
Congratulations to all our swimmers, a great weekend for our Club. After 4 sessions of racing we came 3rd in the overall TOP CLUB Trophy which a fantastic achievement. http://wiganswimming.co.uk/starter2018/ (click onto the top left of the screen, below services)
Top 6 Clubs
Salford: 934
Wigan: 800
Pioneer 79 (Accrington): 350
Blackpool: 332.5
Northwich: 297.5
Medal Winners
Harvey James (10) GOLD 50 Fly, GOLD 200 Fly, SILVER 100 Fly, SILVER 200 IM, BRONZE 100 IM,  
Tom Kud (13) GOLD 50 BK, GOLD 100 BK, SILVER 200 Brst, BRONZE 100 IM, BRONZE 200 IM, BRONZE 100 BK, BRONZE 50 Brst,  
Tom Carrs (13) GOLD 100 Fly, SILVER 100 IM, SILVER 50 BK, SILVER 200 Fly, SILVER 200 Free, SILVER 100 BK,   
Sophie Grindley (12) GOLD 100 Fly, SILVER 100 Free, SILVER 100 IM, BRONZE 200 BK, 
Chris Lowndes (10) GOLD 200 Brst, SILVER 100 IM, BRONZE 200 BK, BRONZE 100 Free, BRONZE 50 Free,   
Katie Wilson (14+) GOLD 50 Fly, SILVER 100 IM, BRONZE 200 BK, BRONZE 50 Free,   
Megan Rickels (9) GOLD 200 Free, SILVER 200 BK, BRONZE 100 Fly,   
Theo Oliver (12) GOLD 200 IM, SILVER 200 BK, BRONZE 200 Free,  
Ellie Davies (13) GOLD 100 Fly, SILVER 200 Free, BRONZE 200 BK, 
Erin Hardy (11) GOLD 100 Fly, SILVER 200 Fly, 
Nina Willson (12) GOLD 200 Fly, 
Abigail George (14+) GOLD 200 Fly,
Natalie Wilson (11) SILVER 100 Brst, SILVER 50 Brst, 
Freddie Cushen (11) SILVER 200 BK, BRONZE 200 Free,  
Daniel Richardson (9) SILVER 200 Free, 
Sophie George (12) SILVER 100 Fly, 
Katelyn Murray (14+) SILVER 200 BK,   
Charlotte Thomson (14+) BRONZE 100 IM, BRONZE 200 IM, BRONZE 50 BK,  
Will James (12) BRONZE 50 BK, BRONZE 100 BK,  
Harry Price (9) BRONZE 50 Free, 
Hannah Webster (10) BRONZE 50 BK, 
Jess Bradley (12) BRONZE 200 IM, 
Izzy Whittle (12) BRONZE 200 Free, 
Freya Johnston (12) BRONZE 100 Fly, 
Winsford Swim Team Representatives
Abigail George, Abigail Lowe, Adam Brown, Amelia Fitzgerald, Caitlin Fonseca, Carla Jackson, Charlie Barratt, Charlotte Lloyd, Charlotte Thomson, Chris Lowndes, Connor McVicar, Daniel Richardson, Eilidh Purves, Eliza Chesworth, Ellie Davies, Erin Hardy, Freddie Cushen, Freya Johnston, Gracie Griffin, Hannah Webster, Harriet Carss, Harry Price, Harvey James, Imogen Knox, Isabella Stubbs, Isabelle Maundrill, Isobel Whittle, Jess Bradley, Joseph Rawlings, Katelyn Murray, Katie Wilson, Lily Griffin, Megan Rickels, Milly Venning, Natalie Wilson, Nina Willson, Oliver Jolliffe, Oliver Powell, Olivia Burgoine, Olivia Wood, Rebecca Line, Reuben Cowell, Ruby Thomas, Sophie George, Sophie Grindley, Suzannah Freeman, Theo Oliver, Thomas Carss, Thomas Kud, Toby Sykes, Will Egerton, Will James, Will Powell, 
Thank You to Daniel Stone for being Coach over the weekend and to: Claire Brown, Louise Lowndes, Sarah Carss, Alison Oliver and Julie Grindley for being Team Managers. 
As the Wigan Starter Meet was going ahead we had 13 swimmers over at the Manchester Commonwealth Pool racing in the annual LC Meet. In terms of Meets these are the highest standard on the calendar, with very tough QTs to gain a place at the meet. Swimmers came from all over the country to race in Manchester, as far north as Glasgow and as far south as the south of England, with numerous International swimmers on show! For us this meet had two purposes, the first being race rehearsal for the up and coming Regional Championships and secondly to swim as fast possible to register National Ranking Places for British and Home Nations Championships which take place later this Summer. 
The results over the weekend were excellent overall, of course there is never going utopia at any meet with ups and downs but there were numerous superb swims from our swimmers which places us nicely in the National Rankings, which can be viewed here, which are updated on a weekly basis: 
Medal Winners
Jay Cushen (14) GOLD 50 Fly, GOLD 100 Brst, GOLD 200 Free, GOLD 100 Fly, GOLD 100 Free, SILVER 200 Fly,    
Adam Wright (10-11) GOLD 1500 Free, GOLD 200 Fly, SILVER 400 Free,   
Izzy Kay (13) BRONZE 400 Free, BRONZE 200 Fly,   
Manchester Open Meet Representatives
Abbey Brown, Adam Blackshaw, Adam Wright, Alissa Blackshaw, Charlotte Howman, Ethan Wright, Izzy Kay, Jay Cushen, Jordan Gaskell, Josh Wilson, Katie Woodbridge, Nick Law, Will Deeming, 
Thanks to Sue Wright, Helen Wilson and Claire Brown who were Team Managers in Manchester and thanks to Nigel Woodbridge for assisting on the coaching side. Over both Wigan and Manchester we had 8 different voluntary Team Managers helping out our swimmers and coaches, many thanks to you all. It is great to see more and more parents wanting to get into the Team Managing game. Steph Cushen is the latest to come forward wanting to complete a course so she can help pool side. If there is anyone else please contact Claire Brown and she will be more than happy to help you. Claire_brown@aol.com  
A great Friday evening and weekend in Manchester with many positives for each and every one of our swimmers. Many of our swimmers will now look forward to racing in the Regional championships over the next two weekends and in Sheffield at Derventio which will be the very last opportunity to gain qualification to the National Championships 2018. All to play for and lots to look forward to, we go again.
Thank you to all our swimmers who raced in Wigan and Manchester, it is great to see so many of our swimmers racing over one weekend. 
Respect is Earned,
Honesty is Appreciated,
Trust is Gained,
Loyalty is Returned. 
Keep up the good work.
Thanks Dan.

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