77 Swimmers make a big splash at the Winsford Summer Meet 2019

On Saturday 6th July 2019, Winsford Swimming Team hosted the 9th Winsford Summer Development Meet. This year was again very popular with swimmers coming from all over the North West England and representing 7 different clubs. Our meet has been a forever presence on the gala calendar taking place towards the end of the season, so not only was it is a chance to race in a fun and very competitive environment but it was a chance for many swimmers to finish the season with a bang.
During the day the racing was very competitive with all swimmers racing with tremendous gusto, for some swimmers it was their very first taste of racing in a open meet, for some swimmers it was a chance to try and attain North Midland, Cheshire or North West Regional QTs and for all swimmers it was a wonderful chance to have some fun. Winsford had 77 swimmers competing over the two sessions ranging in ages and abilities and coming from all squads and it was clear that many swimmers had a full programme of racing, stepping up time and time again with little rest, which was very pleasing to see.
Over the day of racing Winsford Swim Team achieved an enormous number of medals, ribbons, PBs and qualifying times and a 100% rate of smiley faces leaving the pool. It was so wonderful to see so many of our swimmers racing at our meet and so encouraging for the future to see so many new faces from Transition racing for the very first time at an open meet, I am sure this will spur our swimmers on who train in Transition to race more at meets in the area and hopefully attain North Midland QTs.
I am biased towards our club and our swimmers but taking my biased hat off and being completely impartial, I have to say that Winsford Swim Team organise and run the very best open meets for miles upon miles around, we really do. Everything is planned for and everything operates with superb efficiency and this is down to the first class volunteers we have at our club. Many thanks to the gala committee who put so much time into the meticulous planning of all our meets and to all who helped out on the day (way, way too many people to mention for this report!). It was a true team effort from all at our club, we year after year put on Club Champs, Time Trials, Summer Meet, Christmas Meet and this season the Reverse 800 & 1500 meet, that is a lot to plan and without people from our club and other clubs helping to organise and help out on the day this all would not be possible, thank you.
I would also like to put out a special thank you to all our visiting clubs and all their coaches and swimmers. It is wonderful to see all our guests coming to our meets and helping us to have such fun and successful racing. Without all our visiting clubs the racing would not be anywhere near as fun and competitive. We will not forget those swimming clubs in the area who continually support us and our meets, year after year. Thank you and we hope to see you all again for our Christmas Meet which is a tremendous meet for all the family.
As always the final thank you goes to all swimmers from all clubs who raced at the fastest pool in England, Winsford Swimming Baths. As mentioned earlier the racing was superb and so very exciting, but more than all that it was so much fun and at the end of the day that is what swimming and life is about, working hard and having fun.
We now look forward to the National Championships which are just weeks away and then onto our Club Champs which take place in September and the North Midlands in October. The Club Champs is for all our swimmers and the North Midlands is for all our swimmers who have gained Q's. Last year we had 78 swimmers racing in the North Midlands, for next season the target is 90+, I am sure this target can be achieved.
Well Done to all swimmers who raced at the 9th Winsford Summer Development Meet and Good Luck to all who are racing in the National Championships both in the pool and in the open water in the coming weeks.
Home is where the pool is, see you at the pool.


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