Chairman's Statement - 27th June 2020

It finally looks as though we're getting close to a restart date, with the period 20th to 24th July being suggested by Swim England. We can only hope that this is not another ' false dawn '.

We will have to recommence training within both Swim England and Brio rules for operating in a Covid Secure way, and this clearly means that we will be experiencing a very different pool environment from the one we left behind.

We are required to appoint a Covid Advisor to assist us in navigating this complex period, and Lucie George has kindly agreed to use her expertise in this role. We will then have to appoint Covid Liaison Officers for each squad, and these will remain poolside during all training sessions, ensuring that we stick to the rules, and maintaining a session Register.

Lucie and the Officers will function as a group, and will, in conjunction with Brio, advise us of any changes we need to make to how we operate.

A Committee Meeting is being arranged for this coming Wednesday by Dave Cushen, and this will enable us to finalise our plans going forward.

There will then be a requirement for members to complete a Return to Swimming survey, and, before we start a Risk Awareness Declaration. Both of these will be directly in line with Swim England requirements, and will apply to all affiliated Clubs. These forms will be circulated as soon as agreed at the meeting.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support during this difficult (and long) period away from Club swimming, and it is very clear that our member support is leading the way in the Region.

A particular thanks to Dan and Michael for their commitment to the Club, to André and Nicky for their great contribution to keeping us all fit, and to Sue and Claire for organising our current land training sessions. We have around 100 swimmers regularly attending this programme, a real testimony to the strength of Winsford Swimming Club

Barry Keeling

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