Changes to Training Sunday 18th - Sunday 25th February

Due to the Lanzarote Swim Camp taking place from Sunday 18th - Sunday 25th February, there will have to be a few changes to the training schedule for that week.  
Sunday 18th: 
  • 12:30-3pm SJD - Barry Keeling
  • 5-7pm & 7-8pm - Daniel Stone 
Monday 19th: 5-7am - Jenny Zwijnen
Tuesday 20th: 6-7pm Land & 7-8:30pm - Daniel Stone
Wednesday 21st: 6-7pm & 7-9pm - Daniel Stone 
Thursday 22nd: 7-9pm - Barry Keeling 
Friday 23rd: 7-8pm & 8-9:15pm - Daniel Stone
Saturday 24th:
  • 6-8am - Jenny Zwijnen
  • 5-7:30pm - Barry Keeling
Sunday 25th:
  • 12:30-3pm SJD - Barry Keeling
  • 5-7pm & 7-8pm - Daniel Stone 
All training over the week is on as normal except for Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Morning which is cancelled, apologies for any sessions we are unable to run.
Monday Morning is open to all Juggernaut, Platinum & Gold.
Saturday Morning is open to all Juggernaut, Platinum, Gold & Silver.
I hope all swimmers have a great week of training, attending as many sessions as possible, there are some crucial meets fast approaching.

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