Dev Meet Set Up - help needed from 11am please.

Brio have asked that no one from WASC goes poolside until 11am - which means we have 40 minutes from 11am to warm up. Please can we have as much help as possible setting up so we are ready on time. It isn't just the technical stuff, it is also things like putting out benches, putting up signs and bin bags etc.

They have also reminded us that we can have no more that 140 people on the balcony for obvious Health and Safety reasons. Please be mindful of this and do not bring too many spectators. A wrist band system will be in operation to ensure we do not exceed this number. There can be no extra chairs either as this is a fire hazard. The desk upstairs will need to be set up just before 11am so we can monitor everyone going on to the balcony - visiting clubs tend to arrive ridiculously early!

Looking forward to a great meet!



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