Message for Juggernaut Swimmers - New Squad Name Suggestions Needed

Juggernaut is officially coming to an end (well maybe!), not the squad but the name, with the new changes to the Juggernaut Squad it is felt appropriate that the Juggernaut Squad is to be renamed. Juggernaut has been around for around 6 years now in that time we have had so many talented, focused and hard working swimmers passing through the squad, it has been a historical name in the history of our club but now is the time for change and a rename.
The Squads are the swimmers and the swimmers are the squad, with that it is again up to the swimmers to name the Juggernaut Squad. This is a message on behalf of the captaincy team, they would like all swimmers to make suggestions on what Juggernaut should be renamed with. Could all swimmers who have a suggestion please speak with Alissa Blackshaw, Ethan Jones, Abbey Brown or Henry Oliver and tell them what they think the new squad should be named. After they have collated all the suggestions they will pick 4 which they feel is most suitable and then we will have a squad vote, sounds like a plan hey!
It is entirely up to you the swimmers, it is your squad and your club so all suggestions are welcome but please think carefully because we want something unique, exciting and something which outlines the whole ethos of our squad and our club.
To get the ball rolling my brain has come up with the following:
Racing Psychos!
Mentality Monsters!
Speed Junkies!
The Unbreakables!
Jaws! (because we kill the opposition!) I love the quote “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”!
Ponam Aereas! (Latin for a word close to my heart!)
As you can tell my brain is not completely wired correctly so all of the above is probably not suitable for our squad! But it just gives you a few ideas on what goes through my head, but whatever is decided I am perfectly happy with!
So over to you swimmers, the captaincy team are looking forward to your suggestions, so please get them in ASAP and then soon after Swim Camp I am sure they will run a vote and we will officially unveil our new name. 

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