Minutes of Club Annual General Meeting - 10th November 2020

The Club’s Annual General Meeting took place this week, deferred from March, using the Zoom virtual meeting platform.    About 30 members were in attendance to hear from Chairman Barry, Acting-Treasurer Suzanne and Head Coach Dan and to discuss and reflect on the challenging year we have had as a Club.

Barry reflected on the year and, despite the challenges, how it has brought out the best in our Club thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm from all our members.   He paid particular thanks to Lucie George, the COVID volunteers and the many others who have enabled the Club to continue to operate as best we could.

Dan highlighted the Club’s notable achievements over the last year and a half including becoming overall Crusader League Champions, making the Arena North West Premier League A Finals, retaining Top Club in the North Midlands and in the Top 3 in Cheshire, amongst others.   He shared his belief that our ongoing success is down to a “four-way great team effort” between the Swimmers, Coaches, Committee and Parents.   Although the lockdown has been a challenge, the Club and Swimmers have met the challenge head on, built on the ever so important ethos of TEAM. 

The Treasurer’s report highlighted the strong position the Club had finished in 2019, but also the impact that shutdown has had on the Club’s financial health during 2020.   With increased costs and reduced income it was agreed at the AGM to support an increase in the base membership fees by £4 from January, with discounts to £3 and £2 for additional family members. Barry asked, if possible, for people to maintain membership fees for November to assist our funding gap but that lessons would not be asked to pay and if already done so would be free in December. Through good discipline the Club has been able to retain fees at the same levels for the past 3 years and although regrettable, these increases are critical to see us through the current challenges but also for the longer-term health of the club.   Changes to Membership and Squad Fees will be updated on the Club Website in December.

Full minutes of the meeting can be viewed here 

David Cushen
Outgoing Club Secretary 

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