Plea for a New Club Lap Top

Our trusty club laptop has recently celebrated its 10th birthday. It's an impressive feat, but sadly it's starting to show signs of its age. Like forgetting that it's supposed to stay connected to the WiFi while we try to run a meet. And then stubbornly refusing to connect again despite us being really really nice to it and using all the correct incantations.

We're thinking it might be time for it to move on to a less stressful life somewhere.

That means we're looking for something to replace it.

Do you have an old, unloved, unused laptop stuffed in the back of a cupboard somewhere? We're not looking for something sleek and modern and fast. Just something that works. Maybe five-ish years old if we're lucky. Don't worry if you have something that you think is too slow to be useful, you'd be amazed what a couple of cheap upgrades and a total wipe can achieve.

Please email winsford.asc.web@gmail.com if you can help.



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