Poolside help needed at the Summer Regionals (Liverpool)

Swim England North West desperately require poolside helpers this weekend for the Summer Championships at Liverpool to ensure that the competition runs according to the timetable and plan of the organisers.

We need help with the following roles: Stewards, Posting Results and Refreshments.

All helpers will receive

Travel Expenses (45 pence per mile if helping all day – 25 pence per mile if helping for half a day)

Car Parking

Lunch Allowance - £5.00;

Regional Polo Shirt

Can you please circulate this amongst your parents/club volunteers to see if there is anyone who would be prepared to help out this weekend.

If you could email me Diane.Stafford@swimming.org by Thursday 18th May at the latest as I don’t work Friday’s.

Thanking you in anticipation



Diane Stafford

Office Manager

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