Prescot and Everton Summer Meet

At this moment in time meets in June are very sparse, for many swimmers this is a very important time of the season with the North Midlands deadline fast approaching. With this in mind the decision has been made for Winsford Swim Team to enter the Prescot and Everton L3 Meet over the weekend of the 10th/11th June, at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, Huyton. This meet is ideal for all swimmers particularly to those swimmers who are in need of North Midland QTs, and those swimmers who are already looking way ahead to the 2018 County and Regional Championships QTs.
The closing date for the North Midland Swimming Championships is likely to be towards the end of July/August, so all our swimmers, particularly those in the Development and Transition Squad are encouraged to target meets in June and July, to try and attain these QTs.
The Prescot and Everton Meet clashes with the final round of the Crusader at Winsford. All swimmers who have been selected for the Crusader are expected to swim for us in this crucial final round. The Prescot and Everton Meet is open to all squads so if any swimmer is racing in the Crusader please choose events in session 1, session 3 & session 4. If you select events in session 2 please choose the earlier races so you have plenty of time to make your way back to Winsford. 
The Prescot and Everton Meet is a great opportunity to race in a meet with a near full program in a modern, fast pool. Thanks Dan.
For further details see gala page.


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