Reminder: TIme trial 24th Nov - volunteers needed please to help run the event.

The time trial is on the 24th Nov for Transition and Raptors. Full details are available here. There will be no training that Saturday evening - only the time trial.

This event is entered through Swimming Events, however, it is pay on the door £1 per race. Please get your entries in early.

Different squads can enter different races, please read the full description on the gala page so you enter the correct races.

We URGENTLY need volunteers to help us run this event so it can be as similar to a real gala as possible. 

Volunteers are needed in all roles and you do not need any qualifications - just enthusiasm. To volunteer please email wingalateam@gmail.com or for officials email luciecg4@gmail.com

It is great preparation for our Christmas Meet or just a good chance to experience proper race conditions.

Any queries please email wingalateam@gmail.com



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