Request for Poolside Help at Winter Regionals

Hi everyone,

The Regional Office has been asked by the Event Management Team to send out an email to see if you have anyone at your club who would be available to support the region by being a Poolside Helper at the Winter Championships on 3rd and 4th November at Manchester.

Travel expenses at the rate of 45 pence per mile if you attend for a full day and 25 pence per mile if you attend for half a day.

Lunch will not be provided on the day but you will receive £5.00 for lunch.

Even if you can only volunteer for  1 day (or half a day) that would be fantastic.

If you could please confirm your availability as soon as possibility it would be appreciated


Diane Stafford

Finance Administrator

North West

T 0161 789 7230

E diane.stafford@swimming.org


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