Saturday Morning Training

This weekend again we are busy with Derventio and the Regional Championships on the Sunday.  It is a very important time of the season for all swimmers, whether it be the remaining of the qualifying window meets, open water or the SC meets in June and July so maintaining training is key.
Saturday 6 - 8am at Winsford will go ahead and for the full 2 hours.  I will open up and stay for around 1 1/2 hours, at which point I will shoot over to Sheffield for Derventio with the aim of getting there at 9:30am.  Session 2 at Derventio starts at 10:30am so I assume warm up begins at 9:30am.  I will be cutting it fine to get there on time so if I am running late please can all swimmers begin their warm up and complete in a professional manner.  As always at Ponds Forge we will be situated on the swimmers balcony on the lower tier.
Winsford morning training will have Jacob Robson as lifeguard and for the last 30 minutes Becky Alderman, who is life guard and coach qualified, will supervise the last 30 minutes.  Please accept my apologies for leaving early and possibly arriving in Sheffield at the last minute.
Thanks Dan. 


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