Senior Swim Camp 2020 - Bon Voyage - Message for all Swimmers/Coaches/Team Managers

Senior Swim Camp is now only 1 day away and with that I am sure all swimmers, coaches and team managers are so very excited and looking forward to the week ahead. Swim camps are a very big part of our yearly programme, with Lloret de Mar being our next wonderful destination in the south of Spain not too far away from Barcelona. The facilities, accommodation and town/beach area look second to none and I am sure you will all enjoy everything that Lloret De Mar has on offer and have a whale of a time.
Swim camps have numerous purposes, they challenge, they build team spirit, they allow all swimmers to be self reliant and they help to give our swimmers the best preparation for the meets, regional championships and qualifying window to come. Not only this but swim camps develop the very best memories, memories which last a life time. What can be better than jetting off with your team mates, training hard in an exciting new destination and having lots and lots of fun. All I would say is grab every opportunity of what comes on camp and squeeze as much out of the week as possible, and ultimately make yourself a better swimmer. Swim camp will be tough, but if you all help each other and support each other and go into it with the right attitude you will have the most wonderful time of your lives. Remember hard work becomes a lot easier with one massive smile on your face, positivity is the only option!
Just before you all leave I would like to say thank you to Nigel, Michael, Claire and Sue for accompanying our swimmers on camp, I am sure you will also have great fun but of course it will be very exhausting at the same time! But remember, no social kick, collecting bits of lane rope from the pool is compulsory and popping birthday balloons outside of the swimmers' accommodation early in the morning is strongly recommended! I would also like to say a massive thank you to Helen who again has organised this year's senior and junior camps, this is now her 10th year (I think!) of organising our camps and without her we wouldn't have had such wonderful experiences and such outstanding organisation. 
There is no doubt at all Lloret De Mar will be an outstanding success, the BEST EVER. Top Swimmers, Top Coaches, Top Team Managers, Top Organiser, all makes for a TOP Swim Camp 2020. Enjoy everyone, make the very most of every session and every day and I will look forward to welcoming you back home in a week's time. You will all have an amazing time.
I know all swimmers will be first class all week, listening to the coaches, team managers and being the perfect ambassador for Winsford Swim Team.
Bon Voyage!

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