SENW Festival of Swimming 2021 - Final REPORT - Making Tidal Waves

A huge congratulations to all our swimmers who represented Winsford Swim Team at the SENW festival of swimming 2021, which took place at the Manchester Commonwealth pool. The meet was our very first proper meet for over 16 months since Covid hit our world, and with that so much excitement was geared towards this meet.
The meet was for all the clubs from the North West of England, and competition was stiff with some of the best swimmers in the region and the country racing it out for honours. We had over 30 swimmers racing, with Development and Juggernaut all represented which was wonderful to see, and all were looking to swim fast over the Long Course format which we so dearly love and enjoy.
The racing was super exciting with Winsford heavily involved across the board, ages 13-18+, all strokes and distances were all covered and we gained some fantastic results amassing a tremendous number of medals (19 in total), finals (59 top 8 placings), and a huge number of new life time best swims. 
So yes the results were phenomenal, for all our swimmers, but what was pleasing was how many swimmers gained at least one top 8 placing, of which we had 19 different swimmers making a final. We also had 8 different swimmers gaining a podium position, and we had 3 overall age group champions, with Lois Inch (14) champion over the 100 and 200 Breastroke races, Carys Roberts (15) champion over the 50 Freestyle and Ethan Wright (18+) champion on the 400 Freestyle. 
All swimmers stepped up massively and got stuck into their racing, it has not been an easy 16 months with so much stop and start due to Covid but our swimmers have bounced back superbly well, achieving some outstanding results in Manchester. For me personally it was lovely to see all our swimmers racing again and having some fun. Racing and competing is so much fun and it was clear all our swimmers loved the 9 sessions of racing over the past two weekends.
Winsford are in a very strong position and we look forward to the future with tremendous excitement. The sport of swimming is the best, the club of Winsford Swimming is the best, and we have the best swimmers. We are a disciplined club with first class attitudes, always trying our very best and doing it in a happy way, where we are all moving forwards together as a team.
Vital Statistics
4th: 9
5th: 11
6th: 7
7th: 7
8th: 6
TOP 8 Placings: 59
8 Different Medal Winners
19 Different swimmers gaining a top 8 placing
32 Outstanding swimmers representing Winsford Swim Team, Thank You!
Medals and Top 8 Placings
Lois Inch (14) 100 Breastroke
Carys Roberts (15) 50 Freestyle
Ethan Wright (18+) 400 Freestyle
Lois Inch (14) 200 Breastroke
Lois Inch (14) 50 Breastroke
Carys Roberts (15) 100 Freestyle
Lewis Turner (15) 400 Freestyle
Lois Inch (14) 400 Individual Medley
Lewis Turner (15) 400 Individual Medley
Lois Inch (14) 200 Individual Medley
Lewis Turner (15) 200 Breastroke
Adam Wright (15) 200 Butterfly
Sophie Grindley (16) 200 Butterfly
Sophie Grindley (16) 400 Freestyle
Lewis Turner (15) 200 Individual Medley
Ethan Wright (18+) 200 Butterfly
Jack Wheeler (13) 50 Butterfly
Hannah McEnaney (18+) 400 Freestyle
Jack Wheeler (13) 50 Backstroke
4th Placing
Carys Roberts (15) 50 Backstroke
Molly James (18+) 400 Individual Medley
Ethan Wright (18+) 400 Individual Medley
Adam Wright (15) 400 Freestyle
Sophie Grindley (16) 200 Individual Medley
Molly James (18+) 200 Individual Medley
Ruby Thomas (13) 200 Butterfly
Alissa Clarke (14) 200 Butterfly
Sophie Grindley (16) 400 Individual Medley
5th Placing
William Line (14) 200 Individual Medley
Hannah McEnaney (18+) 200 Freestyle
Molly James (18+) 200 Breastroke
Adam Blackshaw (18+) 200 Butterfly
Jack Wheeler (13) 100 Butterfly
Abigail George (18+) 50 Breastroke
Henry Ball (13) 100 Backstroke
Sophie George (15) 50 Butterfly
Adam Wright (15) 200 Freestyle
Eleanor Ma (15) 400 Individual Medley
Lewis Turner (15) 200 Backstroke
6th Placing 
Sophie George (15) 200 Butterfly
Lewis Turner (15) 100 Backstroke
Carys Roberts (15) 400 Freestyle
Tom Carss (17) 200 Butterfly
Alissa Clarke (14) 100 Butterfly
Abigail George (18+) 100 Breastroke
Daniel Richardson (13) 200 Breastroke
7th Placing
Jack Wheeler (13) 50 Breastroke
Abigail George (18+) 50 Butterfly
Ethan Wright (18+) 50 Butterfly
Ethan Wright (18+) 100 Butterfly
Ethan Wright (18+) 200 Individual Medley
William Line (14) 100 Backstroke
Sophie Grindley (16) 100 Butterfly
8th Placing
Lewis Turner (15) 50 Backstroke
Adam Blackshaw (18+) 50 Butterfly
Abigail George (18+) 100 Butterfly
Ruby Thomas (13) 100 Butterfly
William Line (14) 50 Backstroke
Daniel Richardson (13) 200 Butterfly
Competitors for Saturday 31st July
Abigail George, Adam Wright, Alfie Bloor, Alissa Clarke, Carla Jackson, Conor Jackson, Daniel Richardson, Eleanor Ma, Ethan Wright, Hannah McEnaney, Henry Ball, Jack Wheeler, Joseph Rawlings, Lewis Turner, Lois Inch, Molly James, Rebecca Line, Ross Hanley, Ruby Thomas, Sophie George, Sophie Grindley, Toby Latimer, William Line.
Competitors at the SENW Festival of Swimming 2021
Abigail George, Adam Blackshaw, Adam Wright, Alfie Bloor, Alissa Clarke, Caitlin Fonseca, Carla Jackson, Carys Roberts, Conor Jackson, Daniel Richardson, Eleanor Ma, Erin Hardy, Ethan Wright, Evie Henshall, Hannah McEnaney, Harry Bloor, Henry Ball, Jack Wheeler, Joseph Rawlings, Lewis Turner, Lilian Hadingham, Lois Inch, Molly James, Rebecca Line, Ross Hanley, Ruby Thomas, Sophie George, Sophie Grindley, Tom Carss, Toby Latimer, William Line.
Now that the season is complete we will now look forward to a good training phase in August leading into September where the the Club Championships will be taking place (closing date 22nd August, ALL swimmers are to enter, race and support our club). The club championships are a very important meet for our swimmers to post fast times so we can race in the meets later in the year.
It is also exciting news that the Cheshire Level 3 meet will be going ahead, and the Arena League is also taking place in October. So it is clear we as a sport are gearing up for some very exciting racing for the 2021-2022 season, which is so important. I am sure all our swimmers will be using August to maintain our fitness levels, work on our technique and skills and hit the new season running (or in our case swimming).
Well Done again to all who competed in Manchester it was so much fun to be back racing.
Winsford Swim Team, developing outstanding young people who strive to be the best they can be.
See you at the pool.

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