Thank You Nigel

It is with much sadness that Nigel has come to the very difficult decision to hang up his stopwatch. Unfortunately due to personal reasons Nigel will no longer be able to help out on pool side for the foreseeable future. 
Nigel came to Winsford Swim Team a long time ago, when Kate his daughter made the wonderful decision to join the orange army. Since Kate joined, Nigel has contributed many hours helping to coach our swimmers both at training, galas, meets and swim camps, making a valuable contribution to all our swimmers, coaches and the club at large. 
Nigel is a top man, top coach and most of all the best friend I could have ever hoped to have at Winsford Swim Team. I know all will agree that Nigel will be sorely missed, with life pool side not being the same without him. 
On behalf of Winsford Swim Team I would like to wish Nigel and his family the absolute very best for the future, and please remember the door is always open should you like to return in the future.
I hope Nigel will be able come to the presentation evening, so we can all celebrate Nigel and everything he has done for us all.
Take care mate and thank you.

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