Wigan Meet 2019 - REPORT - 43 Medals Won

Over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd June Winsford Swim Team took 32 swimmers to Wigan to race in the annual Wigan and Tyldesley L3 Meet. Winsford have took part in this meet from the very first year and this year we again had a good number taking to the water in one of the best run meets of the year. We had a range of swimmers competing, from those who this was their very first away open meet up to those swimmers of a NW Regional standard, so it was a great mix of ages and experiences.
The meet in Wigan is of a very good standard with swimmers coming from all over the North West of England, particularly from the Lancashire County. Winsford as always were in a very determined mood to swim fast and hopefully pick up medals and ultimately enjoy one of the last remaining meets of the 2018-2019 season.
Over the course of the weekend our swimmers raced superbly well, with an incredibly high PB rate and achieving 43 medals, of which 13 were GOLD, 13 SILVER and 17 BRONZE. Not only did we achieve lots of PB's and Medals but we also gained many top 8 placings all of which helped our team to reach a Top 4 overall club placing out of 26 clubs taking part, in both the points scores and the medal tables, a tremendous result for just over 30 swimmers. 
It was an extremely hot weekend and it was the same in the pool, Medals and PB's are wonderful to achieve but what was even better over the weekend was witnessing some tremendous racing and that at the end of the day is what it is all about, fun racing. Lots of happy faces poolside and a great team spirit, with lots of cheering for our fellow members. Racing is like going on holiday, it is something we look forward to and enjoy, no fear, just extreme excitement.
GOLD: 13
16 different medal winners.
Every single swimmer racing in Wigan was a champion.
Medal Winners
Sophie George (13) GOLD 50 Fly, GOLD 100 Free, GOLD 100 IM, GOLD 100 Fly, SILVER 200 IM, SILVER 50 Free, BRONZE 200 Fly,  
Cillian Wilkes (9) GOLD 50 Free, GOLD 100 Fly, GOLD 200 Free, GOLD 100 BK, BRONZE 100 IM, 
Will Line (12) GOLD 100 IM, GOLD 200 Free, SILVER 50 Free, SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 100 BK,
Jack Wheeler (11) GOLD 50 Fly, SILVER 100 IM, SILVER 50 Free, BRONZE 100 Free, BRONZE 100 Fly, 
Erin Hardy (12) GOLD 200 Fly, SILVER 100 Fly,  
Tom Kud (14+) GOLD 100 BK, 
Harvey Zwijnen (14+) SILVER 200 Brst, SILVER 100 Free, BRONZE 50 Free,  
Izzy Fletcher (9) SILVER 100 IM, BRONZE 200 BK, BRONZE 100 Free, BRONZE 50 Free, 
Tom Carss (14+) SILVER 50 Brst, BRONZE 200 Fly, BRONZE 100 BK,   
Chris Lowndes (11) SILVER 200 Brst, BRONZE 100 IM,
Theo Oliver (14+) SILVER 100 Brst, BRONZE 200 BK,
Will Powell (14+) SILVER 100 Fly, 
Milly Venning (10) BRONZE 100 BK, 
Izzy Whittle (13) BRONZE 200 BK,  
Alex Clarke (14+) BRONZE 100 IM,
Oliver Powell (14+) BRONZE 100 Fly, 
Swimmers Representing Winsford Swim Team
Abigail George, Abigail Lowe, Adam Brown, Alex Clarke, Alicia Thomson, Amelia Fitzgerald, Caitlin Fonseca, Caoimhe Wilkes, Carla Jackson, Charlie Barratt, Charlotte Thomson, Chris Lowndes, Cillian Wilkes, Erin Hardy, Harvey Zwijnen, Henry Ball, Izzy Stubbs, Izzy Fletcher, Izzy Whittle, Jack Wheeler, Jess Brudenell, Katy Murray, Milly Venning, Oliver Powell, Rebecca Line, Ruby Thomas, Sophie George, Theo Oliver, Tom Carss, Tom Kud, Will Line, Will Powell, 
Well Done to one and all who represented Winsford Swim Team over the weekend, we produce talented swimmers on a constant basis. It was great to see lots of new faces racing for us at an away meet, experiences like the Wigan Meet are so valuable for our youngsters. I am sure more of our younger swimmers who are in Transition and Development squads will take the opportunities to race in away meets in the future.
As always many thanks to our team managers: Claire Brown, Sarah Carss and Richard Line for managing the team over the weekend and to Alex Law who covered session 4. Team managers are crucial to our swimmers and coaches at meets, thank you. If there is anyone else who wants to help either as a team manager or in another area please get in touch, everyone is always welcome.
We now look forward to the Cheshire and NW Open Water Championships and the final round of the Crusader League which both take place on Saturday 29th June. Then one of the highlights of the year the Winsford Summer Meet on the 6th July, no doubt at all we will see some super exciting and fast racing over the next few weeks.
Looking to the future, the first away meet of the 2019-2020 season will be the North Midland Championships, all swimmers unless already achieved should be targeting the QTs, in October we want a huge number from Transition, Development, Platinum and Juggernaut racing in this competition. The North Midlands is an ideal opportunity to gain the first taste of Championship racing, any parents of younger swimmers who are unsure on the process of competing please speak with your coach, we will be happy to help. It would be fantastic to see all our swimmers racing in Macclesfield from the very new to the very experienced, the North Midlands is the only external Championships of the whole season where close to 100% of Winsford Swim Team race together, the North Midland Championships are so exciting, please don't miss out! 
We dive off the blocks, reach for the wall, bleed for the team and live for the race.
Good Luck to everyone who wears the orange of Winsford Swim Team.
Note: there are still limited places available at the Winsford Summer Dev Meet - for late entries please check with Sue - wingalateam@gmail.com

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