Winsford Christmas Meet 18 - HUGE SUCCESS!


On Saturday 15th December it was that time of year again where Winsford Swim Team host our annual Christmas Meet, now in its third year we as a club were determined to make this year even better than in previous years. This was going to be a difficult task as the previous two years were hugely successful but it is good news everyone, this year was in my opinion our best ever!
This year we welcomed 11 clubs to Winsford: Alsager, ASKA Chester, Bebington, Crewe Flyers, Ellesmere College Titans, Liverpool Penguins, Ormskirk & District, Poynton Dippers, Ramsbottom, Satellite and Southport. Before the report on the racing begins I would like to thank each and every club for coming to Winsford and supporting our meet, there were some absolutely fabulous racing and this is because of the talent which was on show in the pool from all clubs. Looking at the results it was clear it was a very successful meet for all clubs, coaches and swimmers with some massive PBs being achieved and many medals hanging around the necks of the participants. What struck me most was the fun everyone was having, of course with Santa visiting in little over a week's time that certainly helps to lift the mood but it was so nice to see so many smiling faces and the behaviour and professionalism was commended to me from a number of our team managers.
For Winsford I think it was the highest number of participants we had racing for our club out of any Summer or Christmas Meet, with 81 in total taking the plunge and racing their hearts out. The range of age, abilities and experiences was wonderful to see, with many new faces, just starting out on their competitive swimming career. There was a tremendous number of swimmers racing from our Transition section from our club, which again is hugely important as our younger swimmers are such an important part of our long term future. 
The results from our club over two sessions of racing were superb with so many great races, resulting in many new PBs and many medals won, not only this but there were numerous new Cheshire County QTs achieved. Not only did the smiley faces strike me but the sheer determination in the racing was very pleasing. It is very important to know when to have fun and when to flick that switch and go into race mode, I thought all our swimmers did that very well. As they say "Rome wasn't built in a day" and that is the same with learning the bush craft of swimming, it takes time, many days, weeks, months and years of practice in the pool to reach anywhere near perfection. So there were areas to improve and work on, but that is normal, we have all been there when something didn't quite go to plan, that is why it is so important to compete at a young age, over a whole range of different strokes and distances so we can learn how to race and race over different events. I will say this though, it was great to see our swimmers getting stuck in and racing with great skill and technique, it bodes very well for the future if we can continue to train regular and race often.
Over the day Winsford Swim Team achieved:
GOLD: 87
TOTAL: 198 
Any many more top 6 placings.
Many thanks to SOPHIE HARRISON who did the medal tally for me, she said she would do the tally for me if I put her name on the report in capital letters and in a separate paragraph! Thank you SOPHIE!
As mentioned earlier in the report we had a hugely successful meet with so many medals won, WELL DONE to each and every swimmer who raced today not only our swimmers but all swimmers. I really do hope all our guests will look forward to our very successful Summer Meet in July and again come back to the Winsford pool for Christmas 2019.
To run meets it is no small task, to run a hugely successful meet as we do takes many hours of planning and organisation. Thank you to each and every person who helped out in anyway shape or form, I could try and name everyone but if I did that the list would be 100's of lines long! But thank you to all volunteers who helped Winsford to have our best meet ever, I am biased, very, very biased towards our club, swimmers, coaches and volunteers but our meets are by far the best meets in the country. They are fast, furious but they are fun and every little detail is planned for, a outstanding job from everyone.
Thanks again to all our guests who kindly came to Winsford and supported our meet, if you have any feedback good or good, please let us know! But no, seriously thanks for coming and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and very successful 2019.
Well done to all swimmers racing at our third Christmas Meet.
Now that our Christmas Meet is done and dusted, we have one final day at the Satellites Open Meet after which we will know exactly who has qualified for the Cheshire County Championships. Please remember that the closing date for our swimmers is Tuesday 18th December. It is expected that all of our swimmers who have gained QTs to enter and to try and enter as many events as possible, if not all. The Championships are over three weekends and gives us the chance to race under Championship conditions with heats and finals and race as a team. It is also a very important meet for our swimmers to target NW Regional QTs. So please get your entries in soon and let's go to Macclesfield on mass and have lots of fast and fun racing at a pool where we historically swim very fast in. We will of course look forward to the SKINS, so if you would like to try and qualify enter the 200 IM and we will end the event with the ever so exciting relays, so get your entries in and see you at the pool as much as possible throughout the Christmas holidays, so we can be fully prepared.
Report finished! Remember swimmers if you train a lot Santa brings you more presents, so I will see you at the pool!
PS: Beef butties were boss for Tea! 


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