Winsford Summer Development Meet - REPORT

On Saturday 7th July Winsford Swim Team hosted our annual Summer Development Meet. Our Summer Meet is now in its 8th year and has always proved very popular among the local swimming clubs in the area and this year was no exception. This year we had nearly 70 swimmers competing for Winsford Swim Team, which is a huge number and must be a record number of 9-14 year olds racing at our meet. This shows our club is flourishing with a large base of youngsters coming through our club, training and competing in the extremely famous fluorescent, luminous orange.
The weather outside was very hot in fact it was truly baking but the racing in the pool was even hotter, literally sizzling bacon hot with some outstanding racing right the way through the ages. It was great to see youngsters from all clubs coming to together and getting stuck in and racing with such tremendous ferocity, but what struck me more was just the sheer fun and enjoyment all swimmers were having. Racing is about tactics, skill and determination, but more important than all those is the enjoyment and it was clear all swimmers loved the thrills and spills of diving off that block, going head to head with 5 other swimmers and racing their little hearts out in the hope of winning a medal, or achieving a PB, or most importantly to gain experience and learn for future meets way down the line. The techniques and skills from our swimmers is very good and is improving all the time, I can honestly say our swimmers and club are thriving and continue to go in the right direction, the future is very bright for Winsford Swim Team. After watching hours upon hours of racing I honestly feel all our younger swimmers have gained the racing bug and will now look forward with tremendous excitement for the 2018-2019 season, starting with the Club Championships and then onto the North Midland Championships.
Over the day there was a large number of races with Winsford of course heavily involved. There were numerous highlights throughout the day, but for me personally the pick of all highlights was the constant fruit and sweets delivered throughout the day and of course the tremendous pasta and meatballs produced by Tracey Morley, which was wonderful for all our taste buds. Dan Stone literally never stopped eating all day! Seriously though the true highlight of the day was spending all day with such wonderful children, who are so happy in their swimming. Its great to see the whole younger part of the club come together to race at our summer meet, win, lose or draw all gave their very best effort.
The results over the day were superb with so many medals won:
GOLD: 79
TOTAL: 205
As always I have to thank so many people who contributed in making our 2018 Summer Development Meet such a phenomenal success. Without all the volunteers from our club and the officials from all clubs our meet could not go ahead, so thank you, thank you, thank you to all helpers, I can't say how much it is appreciated. I am completely and utterly biased but our meets are the best, because they are fun and that is what sport is about.
I would also like to thank all visiting clubs, your support for our meet is greatly appreciated, we hope you all had a great time. Any feedback good or good is greatly welcome! Seriously though I hope you all enjoyed it and will come back for our Christmas Meet and then our Summer Meet in 2019.
I know my reports are probably a bit repetitive but I don't care! As always my final thank you goes to all our swimmers, you are what makes Winsford Swim Team the success it is today, each and every swimmer, everyone counts, everyone is important, Thank You.
Winsford Representatives:
A George, A Lowe, A Brown, A Wright, A Inch, A Clarke, A Fitzgerald, C Fonseca, C Morley, C Jackson, C Barratt, C Lloyd, C Thomson, C Turner, C McVicar, C Jackson, D Richardson, E Mankee, E Purves, E Davies, E Hardy, F Parkinson, F Cushen, F Johnston, G Griffin, H Webster, H Carss, H Price, H James, H Adamson, I Stubbs, I Maundrill, I Whittle, J Rawlings, J Jarvis, K Murray, L Booth, L Turner, L Griffin, L Inch, M Kimber, M Rickels, M Venning, N Willson, N Ikin, N Wilson, O Burgoine, O Jolliffe, R Line, R Cowell, R Thomas, S George, S Grindley, S Freeman, T Carss, T Kud, T Sykes, W Egerton, W James, W Line.
Dan Stone asked me to put "It's coming home" on my report! So there it is, Good Luck England!
"This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this ENGLAND." William Shakespeare
See you at the pool.

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