Winsford Swim Team – Year Report

Winsford Swim team over the past year has progressed tremendously with many more swimmers achieving higher levels of attainment throughout the different championships from North Midlands to National Level.

The squads are looking healthy with:
57 swimmers in Juggernaut, 100% at County Level, 63% at Regional Level and 30% achieving either GBR, ENG or Open Water National standard.

Average age of squads:
Juggernaut 14.3,
Platinum 14.5,
Gold 10.1,
Silver 11,
Bronze 10.2.

Attendance is good and improving with many more swimmers attending all sessions, mornings we achieve good numbers and in the evenings we are busy. Often lanes in the evenings are 6-7 a lane.

Results - Winsford Swim Team is going from strength to strength:

  • Top Club in the North Midlands.
  • Top 3 Club in Cheshire.
  • Top 5 Club in the North West of England.
  • Arena NW Premier League Finalist, record number of points.
  • Record number of qualifiers in all the championships.
  • Many more National swimmers in GBR, Home Nation & Open Water.
  • Many swimmers achieving National Finals.
  • 4 Swimmers on the England Talent Camp phase 1.

The Club in my opinion has gone from strength to strength.  More swimmers are achieving higher levels of success right across the board.  This is due to the hard work of everyone involved with the club.  It just shows what can be achieved in a swimming club against city clubs and metros who have many clubs and swimmers constantly feeding into their system.

In my opinion we are the best pound for pound club in the North West of England, constantly punching above our weight.  The success over the past year and beyond has been outstanding and is nice to look back on for a brief minute, but I want to look to the future of Winsford Swim Team.  I want us all to continually strive to do better with even greater focus on our younger squads and getting them up to speed earlier, and encouraging them to train more and compete.  We want a conveyor belt of young talent coming through our club and that process has already started, at the North Midlands I will be looking out for our 9-11 year olds with a keen eye.  Our youngest swimmers will determine how successful our club is in the next 5 years or more.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the last year because success is a team effort, not any one person makes a successful club it is many cogs which make a wheel go round or many nuts and bolts which make a machine run smoothly.  Thanks to the Coaches, thanks to the Committee, thanks to the parents and thanks to the swimmers.
I am sure Winsford Swim Team will have another very successful 12 months.

Thanks, Dan.

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