Christmas Development Meet 18 Information for Visiting Clubs

 A Last chance to get County Times and a great starter meet as no times needed!

This is a Development Meet aimed at swimmers aged 9 – 14yrs. However, by popular demand we have included a 15+ category this year.

50m & 100m all strokes plus 100m & 200m Individual Medley

Upper Qualifying times apply

Swimmers do not need a licensed time to enter but do need a time (coach's estimate is fine) to help with seeding.

Closing date for entries 17th November 2018.

Entry Pack

Entry to this meet is on a first come, first served basis and we filled up quickly last year.

Electronic Entry 

As some may be aware we are running the gala through a new exciting system which has been developed by two members of Satellites Swimming Club. The system drastically cuts down the time needed to enter competitions and run them, saving volunteers masses of time! We believe it really helps bring swimming into the 21st century! Any rejections will be refunded back to card payment method and no clubs will have to handle cash.

A document can be found here setting out how you will need to enter this competition. The format follows last year but we have also added an older age group to allow older swimmers to compete and get some new times.

The first come first served will work in that a club official or coach will need to notify us when all of your entries are submitted. The will act as a ‘Hard submission’. The first come first served will be calculated by which clubs submit their hard entry first. This should be done by one nominated person from each club. Clubs will be able to track entries live as they come in (see document attached for more details).

For individuals swimming or clubs swimming with 3 or less swimmers you will not need to submit a ‘Hard Submission’. You will just enter through the website and we will identify your entries.

The website for the entry is https://swimming.events/meets/4 . All information is here and gives you the days left until our closing date, NOT what you set for your club. It should be noted that the sign up process is a one off and for future galas will not need to be done.

If you have any questions about the entry process please contact contact@swimming.events and they will get back to you to respond to any queries. Any technical issues will be best solved with a screenshot of the issue and a full description  of how you got there. We are told this is the best way for them to solve issue. They may be available for demonstrations to clubs, however this is dependent on their time over the next few weeks. If this is requested we suggest this is done sooner rather than later. However they will be posting videos up in the next few days and also be putting more detailed information on the website. We found it fairly intuitive to use. Any constructive feedback on the site can be passed directly to the guys at Swimming Events or to us and we can use it to help make the system even better for future users and clubs who wish to give it a go!

An additional admin fee of 50p has been placed on each swimmer entering the gala. This is to contribute to the poolside passes. These will be allocated in the ratio of 1 pass per 10 swimmers. Additional passes can be purchased for £5 each. (This is a slight change to the conditions but works out the same). Individuals and clubs with less than 10 swimmers will still be entitled to 1 poolside pass.

For all other queries and advance withdrawals (appreciated) please contact wingalateam@gmail.com. Withdrawals by 8.30am on the morning of the gala please.

Accepted Entries available here (although you should all have had an individual email)




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