Website Information

How is the new site different to the old site?

There are lots of differences. From a user's point of view though, the biggest single difference is that you now have to log in.   There are still bits of the site that you can see and use without logging in, but there are some things that we need to keep from prying eyes.   To request an account, please email winsford.asc.web@gmail.com.  I can see the you already are logged in though, so thanks for that.

Another significant difference is now we hope the site is much more mobile friendly.  When you're on a mobile device, site navigation is accessed by pressing the little orange menu button that should be at the top left of the page.

Other than that, it should be like a lot of other websites.

Please be patient for the first few weeks though while we work through the inevitable bugs and glitches.   I know there have been some problems with older iPhones, and I think there are issues with Windows phones.   And please report any issues by emailing winsford.asc.web@gmail.com

How can I help?

Good question.   We'd like the website to have lots of content from as many people as possible.   If you have something worth celebrating, then send something to winsford.asc.web@gmail.com along with pictures and we'll get it posted in the news section.

We hope to get some gallery pages up and running soon.  So if you have any pictures, you know where to send them.

If there's something missing from this site, that you used regularly on the old site, please let us know.

I'm a nerd.  Can I help?

Yes you can.  All websites need nerds, and this one is no different.  Contact winsford.asc.web@gmail.com.

Is that it?  What else does it do?

For now, everything that you can see in the navigation menus is the full extent of the website.   But we have lots of plans for the future.   Watch this space.