Winsford ASC Privacy Policy

At Winsford ASC we take your privacy and personal data very seriously. Those of us who have access to this data are also club members, with our data held alongside yours.

This policy covers how we collect personal data, what we collect, what we do with it, and who we share it with. It also tells you how you are in control of what we hold and how we use it.

Data held by us is never shared with any organisations not registered and affiliated to British Swimming, Swim England, Swim England NW, Cheshire County or North Midlands Swimming Associations. The only exception to this is our Pool Provider Brio Leisure.

The contents of this policy may change from time to time, and we will share information on any such changes with our members.

The WASC Club Committee will be responsible for reviewing and controlling this Policy and our performance quarterly, or any other time required to meet the required Regulations

The following items of information are held, updated as required, and utilised only by relevant Club Officers and personnel. This user group will be subject to review by the Club Committee as indicated above.



  • Swimmer/ Parent/ Guardian names, contact details, and emergency contact details
  • Swimmer date of birth, gender, ethnic origin, and any relevant medical requirements or conditions


  • Member payment details / requirements / status
  • Gala entry details / requirements / status


  • Swimmer registration status
  • Swimmer Squad / Lesson levels
  • Swimmer Personal Best information


  • Details of relevant swimming related qualifications covering Coaches, Teachers and poolside support Volunteers.
  • Full listing of all personnel holding current DBS and Child Safeguarding Certificates.


We provide swimmer details, covering name, age, gender , ethnic origin and full parent / guardian contact details to Swim England to meet their requirements for swimmer Registration. This enables swimmers to compete in Registered Events, and is the basis for Club Insurance. 

We provide swimmer age / gender / personal best information to Swim England for the National PB database, and to any registered / affiliated Clubs, Regional, County or District Associations requiring this information to support Gala entries.

We supply generic data to support Swimming Surveys controlled by Swim England, Swim NW or Cheshire swimming Association, as required.

We supply Coach / Team Manager / other relevant Volunteer qualification information to any Club or swimming Organisation to support Gala Entries or Volunteer participation. This would specifically cover DBS and Child Safeguarding.

We supply Lessons Register information to Brio Leisure each Month, This information supports the system of free swim passes to lessons swimmers as agreed when the revised Lessons Programme was introduced by Brio Leisure.

We supply generic data to Brio on numbers of swimmers using the facility, and they hold records of attendance of swimmers and parents / guardians using their Facilities and entering by use of a Brio Card

The provision of information to support Accreditation to the National Clubmark Programme for Swimming Clubs (Swim 21). This covers Swimming Programmes, relevant Qualifications, Club Development Plans, Budgets and Financial Forecasts, and the provision of required Welfare, Equity and Safety Standards.

The use of data to support the development of Club Development Plans, Budgets and Financial Forecasts and Forward Personnel requirements.

The use of data to facilitate internal Club communications either by direct contact, through the Club Website, by other agreed Social Media means, or through the use of Club Noticeboards

The use of emergency member contact details, if required, to support a swimmer.


Any data held by us is specific to our current members, covering Swimmers, Coaches , Teachers or Volunteers. This data would be deleted from our systems and files in the event any membership is terminated, and once any outstanding fees have been paid. It would only be shared with any other Organisation or Club at the request of, or with the full knowledge and agreement of the relevant Member / Coach / Teacher / Parent or Guardian.


You may, at any time, ask for your personal information, or that of a swimmer for whom you have responsibility, to be removed from our database, or not to be shared.

This would be done as requested, but would inhibit us from providing future lessons or training, and prevent us from entering the swimmer(s) concerned into future Galas

You may also, at any time, ask for details of information held on you or a swimmer for whom you are responsible. This would be provided as soon as practicable.


We have no means of obtaining data on you other than that which you supply to us, so it incumbent on each of us to ensure that information held on us by the Club is up to date, and updated as required.

Our payment systems rely entirely on our members taking the required actions to ensure that fees and gala fees are up to date and paid.


Winsford ASC is, and always has been run by, and strictly for the benefit of its members. We are not a Data Processing Organisation, and will not seek to hold any information not strictly related to, or required for, the development of our Club and Swimmers.

Members are encouraged to raise any concerns or issues with members of our Committee, and to seek to get actively involved in the running of our Club.

Our success is down to the quality of our Teaching and Coaching, the enthusiasm, dedication and talent of our Swimmers, and the support of our Volunteers.

This Club is owned equally by all of us.

To unsubscribe from Website Communications please email "UnSubscribe" to winsford.asc.web@gmail.com (please note this does NOT cancel your membership or remove your details from our database)

To unregister from the website please email "UnRegister" to winsford.asc.web@gmail.com (please note this does NOT cancel your membership or remove your details from our database)

To have your details removed from our database (effectively cancelling your membership) please email "Cancel Membership" to clubsecwasc@gmail.com