Juggernaut Squad

This is the highest level squad in the club. It is for swimmers who are of at least a County Standard in a number of events and distances. Swimmers are expected to have the right attitude, commitment and work ethic to reach their full potential. All swimmers have to race regularly under the guidance from the coaching staff and make themselves available for all team galas. All swimmers are expected to train to the best of their ability and commit 100% to our club, coaches and team mates. The focus is to develop and nurture swimmers to achieve Regional and National standards. The ethos for the squad
is to be extremely focused on working hard and working together as a team to achieve success at the highest levels.

Available Training Sessions

Squad Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Juggernauts 5am-7am 5am-7am 5am-7am   5am-7am 6am-8am  
  6pm-7pm Land training

7pm-9pm   8pm-9.15pm   5pm-7pm

7pm-8pm Gym (12+)

Note: swimmers are recommended to bring a fitness mat to the land training session on a Tuesday, which is held in the Dance Studio.

50m training in Liverpool 
Once or twice a month members of the Juggernaut squad will be invited, by email, to 50m training at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre in Wavertree, Liverpool 10am-12pm.
It is really important to let Claire Brown know if you intend to swim so the appropriate set is prepared by the coach for the swimmers attending.
As the club usually only has 2 or 3 lanes, the squad is sometimes split in to Juggernauts A and Juggernauts B for these sessions. Please reply to the email promptly to secure your swimmer's place.

Holiday Training Sets 2016

Juggernaut A & B List - November 18










Respect the Training. Honour the Commitment. Cherish the Results.