Development Squads

Development (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
This is the Squad for our younger swimmers who are in their early years of competition. Swimmers in this Squad are typically aged between 8-12 and have made the decision to go down the competitive swimming pathway. Sessions are based on Skill and Technique, with aerobic work and basic speed. All swimmers have good commitment levels and are regularly racing in meets set out by the coaching staff. The ethos is to have fun whilst developing key skills and fitness levels. This Squad will hopefully lead to Juggernaut if swimmers have the right ability, commitment and maturity to train effectively to a very high standard.
Available Training Sessions
Squad Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Bronze             1.30pm - 3pm SJD
    6pm-7pm     6pm-7.30pm  
Silver   5am-6.30am*          
   6pm-7pm Land training 6pm-7pm   7pm-8pm 6pm-7.30pm 7pm-8pm
Gold   5am-6.30am*       6am - 8am*  
   6pm-7pm Land training 6pm-7pm 7pm-9pm 7pm-8pm 6pm-7.30pm 7pm-8pm

* To enter for 5am or 6am please pull the front doors apart. Doors are then locked from 5am to 6.30am, weekdays, and 6am to 8.15am  Saturdays when the centre opens to the public - everyone is either in or out. The centre staff are not allowed to open the doors before that time.

From 1st Sept 2016 Gold swimmers will also be offered one 50m training session per month with Juggernaut B squad at Liverpool Aquatics Centre in Wavertree, Liverpool, 10am-12pm. It is really important to let Claire Brown know if you intend to swim so the appropriate set is prepared by the coach for the swimmers attending.

Please note: Gold swimmers MUST NOW pay or swipe in to the Thursday session. (From 1st Jan 18)

Land Training will be held in the Dance Studio on a Tuesday evening 6-7pm for Silver and Gold from 26th March 19 onwards.

List of Dates Gold swimmers are NOT swimming on a Thursday (due to lifeguard training):

29th Aug 2019
12th Sept 2019
24th Oct 2019
21st Nov 2019
5th Dec 2019
23rd Jan 2020
6th Feb 2020
5th March 2020

Silver swimmers may also be invited to train on a Saturday morning from 6-8am, ONLY when Juggernauts are at 50m training in Liverpool. 

Holiday Training Sets 2016 

Summer Training Schedule 2019:

All training is on as usual up to and including Sunday 4th August (except Transition - see below).
Week beginning Monday 5th August Summer Training Schedule will begin and will consist of:
  • No weekday morning training. 
  • No land training. 
  • All evening, SJD and Saturday morning training will be on as usual. 
  • Bank Holiday Monday 26th is on, 7-9am for All Juggernaut, Platinum and Gold.
All Training resumes as normal Saturday 31st August.
Transition extra sessions:
During August (3rd, 10th, 17th, 23rd & 31st), Transition C can swim on Saturday from 5-6pm at Winsford and Transition B and A swimmers can swim an additional 30 minutes on a Saturday until 6.30.
These extra sessions will be primarily to practice starts from the blocks and turns in preparation for the Club Championships.
I hope all our swimmers and their families have a good summer break, mentally and physically recharging the batteries. It is however important to keep base fitness levels up and come back firing and even more motivated for the 2019-2020 season. I will look forward to welcoming each and every one of our swimmers back in September, I am sure the new season will be our best ever. Lots and lots to look forward too, nothing could be better than training and racing for Winsford Swim Team.


be locked between 8am and 9am so parents are either in or out during this time.