Instructions for the new Swimming Events Gala Entry System

Details of the New Entry System:

WASC are now using a new system which has been developed by Sean Harmer and Adam Frost from Satellites SC. The idea is that you no longer have to use paper forms and cheques to enter competitions. 

To use the system please read below for a brief overview or see the attached screen shots. However the process is fairly straight forward and self explanatory on screen. The sign up and swimmer association only happens the first time you use the system.

Please note: The site is best used on a computer or larger screen. It works fine on mobile but is not fully optimised yet. This is something they are working towards but wanted to get the system live first.

Step 1 – go to https://swimming.events

Step 2 – Sign up with an email and password

Step 3 – confirm email to activate account

Step 4 – Associate one or more swimmers to your account with a Swim England number (formerly ASA - follow this link if you don't know yours)  and accurate DOB (dd/mm/yyyy).

Step 5 – go back to the Winsford Gala Page for your event and use the link provided. (Or use the search bar on the Home page of Swimming Events)

Step 6 – Read through the meet conditions and the qualifying times

Step 7 – click enter and select your events in the tick box to the left and fill in the corresponding time. If the time is unofficial YOU MUST tick the unofficial time box and state where the time was achieved (this is to make it easier for the gala team when they enter your details). Repeat this for any additional swimmers. Please note the Winsford Summer Development Meet was a licensed meet so IS official but the time trials are unofficial.

Step 8 – click add to basket and follow the on screen prompts to pay. Double check your entries and that you have entered times. When you press pay wait for the page to respond. Don’t refresh the page. Now you are done! You will get an email confirmation to confirm your entries.


This additional step will need to be completed after you have associated your swimmer. Click edit swimmer details and add an additional club and click save. When you then come to enter you will be given the option of the club to compete under...select Winsford ASC. And complete as above.


As with any new thing it is important to have a click around. This is the best way to learn a new application. All of your details are very secure and many steps have been completed to ensure this security. Please read their FAQs for more.

If you make any errors or need any help please contact Adam directly. Contact him at contact@swimming.events or through the contact form on the site. Do not go through Amanda, Kate or Sue as they will not be able to provide as detailed advice. We are assured everything is easily corrected no matter how big the error! If you need something refunding and amended, this can be easily done.

If you have any improvements or suggestions they would be most welcome! Sean and Adam wish to make the whole process as slick as possible.