Cheshires Jan/Feb 19

City of Liverpool Splash and Dash - 24th Feb 19

PSC Distance Meet - 24th Feb 19

Winsford Distance Meet - 9th March 19

Wirral Metro Meet 16th/17th March 19

Time Trial 30th March 19

Manchester Open 5th - 7th April 19

Satellites April Meet 6th & 7th April 19



Cheshires Online Results Jan/Feb 2018  
Cheshires Relay Splits

February Time Trial (Please note these are not licensed times, so they will not appear on your PBs page)

Summer Regionals 2018

Manchester Open 2018 (May 11th - 13th 2018)

Winsford & Crewe Reverse 800m/1500m 3rd June 18 pdf version

Unlicensed Time Trial 16th June 18 pdf version  (Please note these are not licensed times, so they will not appear on your PBs page)

Open Water Cheshires & Regionals - 16th June 18

Crusader Results (Please note these are not licensed times, so they will not appear on your PBs page - but you could use the individual races for the North Mids if you do not have a licensed time)

Winford Summer Development Meet 7th July 18 PDF version

Club Champs Session 1 pdf; Session 2 pdf

North Mids 2018

Arena Round 1 Splits

Manchester International Meet

Stafford Apex 17th/18th Nov 18

Time Trial 24th Nov (unlicensed so NOT on PB pages)

Satellites Meet 9th/16th Dec

Winsford Christmas Meet - 15th Dec 18


Cheshire Champs Jan/Feb 2017

Liverpool Splash 'n' Dash 19th Feb 2017

Stop watch times from 25th Feb 2017

Satellites March 2017

Liverpool Spring Meet 25th/26th March 2017

Mini time trial 1st April 2017

NW Summer Regionals 2017

Manchester Open 2017

Summer Dev Meet 2017

Open Water Nationals  30th/31st July 2017

Club Champs 2017

North Midlands 2017

Winsford Christmas Development Meet 2017 PDF Version


Cheshires 23rd January to 7th February 2016

City of Liverpool Splash 'n' Dash 14th February 2016

Time Trial (unlicensed) 27th February 2016

Prescot and Everton Meet 12th and 13th March 

Wirral Metro Spring 2016 19th and 20th March

ASA NW Regional Youth 31st April and 1st May 2016

Manchester Open 6-8th May 2016

Wigan Starter Meet 14th and 15th May 2016

Satellites Open Meet 25th and 26th June 2016

Inter Association Gala 26th June 2016

Development Meet 2nd July 2016

Manchester Non-National Meet 9th July 2016

Southport Sprints 17th July 2016

National Open Water 24rd July 2016

ASA British Summer Championships 26th - 31st July 2016

Mini Time Trial Saturday 30th July

ASA (English) National Summer Championship Results 1-5th August 2016

More time trial times August 16

Transition Time Trial Times August 16

Club Champs 2016.

North Midlands October 2016

Time Trial (unlicensed) 19th November 2016

Stockport Metro 18th - 20th November 2016

Wigan BEST 25th - 27th Nov 2016

Percy Mason - Warrington 3rd and 4th December 2016

Winsford Christmas Development Meet 2016 PDF version


Club Champs September 2015 - all sessions

Stockport Metro 20th Nov

Cheshire Graded 22nd Nov 2015

Inter Association 22nd Nov 2015

Wigan Best Future Stars Meet 27th - 29th Nov 2015

Percy Mason - Warrington 28th and 29th Nov 2015

Results from Time Trial 5th Dec 2015