Available Training Sessions

Squad Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Masters 5am-6.20am 5am-6.20am 5am-6.20am    5am-6.20am    
Mondays are the dedicated masters session. Tues, Wed and Friday are subject to availability.
Please note you are not able to leave a session early (except in the case of illness) 
Lane Allocation - to see which lane you are in for a session - please click here - you need to know this before you arrive at each session!

£28 per month including Cat 1 membership - Cat 2 for competing is a separate annual fee of £34.75 - please email asaregwasc@gmail.com about this. 

Please see the Fees and Membership page (at the bottom) to join the club. 

Reduced Fees from Sept 2020 - October 2020

Fees were cancelled during the shutdown period. Fees will restart from Sept 2020 at 75% rate - so £21 (this will be reviewed monthly)

Masters Swimming at Winsford ASC​ without training.

A Masters swimmer can be affiliated to Winsford ASC without training with a the squad. This is an annual Cat 2 Swimmer Fee of £34.75 - please email asaregwasc@gmail.com about this.

Up Coming Masters Galas