Entering the 3rd Winsford Christmas Development Meet

As you may be aware we are using an exciting new system to run our gala on this year! It means there will be a few changes to the way that we will be taking the entries. The main benefit to us using the system will be the fact that we do not need to use an additional entry system (Sportsystem or Hytek) or take paper entries or Cheques and neither do you! Another benefit is that any entries which are rejected in the event of over subscription will also be refunded straight back to your card payment method.

If any club has any questions about the new system please direct the questions to contact@swimming.events and the team (who you may know) will be happy to help and assist.

How to Enter

  1. First your swimmers/parents will need to sign up to Swimming Events at https://swimming.events . You will need a name, email and password. You will be sent an email to confirm your account and check your junk folder in your mail if you do not receive.
  2. Associate one or more swimmers to your account. This is done in your profile and you will need an ASA number and DOB.
  3. Enter our meet at https://swimming.events/meets/4/. Please ensure that times are put in correctly. Any NTs will need an appropriate coach estimate for the timings on the day. Please indicate these on your entry form. There is a link which takes you straight to the ASA times for your swimmer.
  4. Click ‘Add to basket’
  5. Double/triple check entries and times and proceed to checkout. The screen will direct you with what to do.
  6. Done! You will receive a confirmation email upon payment of the events entered.

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up process (steps 1 and 2) is a one off and for future competitions will not need to be done again, so next time speed of entry will be minutes.


IMPORTANT FOR COACHES AND CLUB OFFICIALS - How will the first come, first served work?

As with any normal gala you are entering, inform your parents and swimmers of the deadline in which you wish to get you entries in by. The swimmers and parents will be able to enter online and you will be able to track live which of your swimmers have entered.

Coaches and club officials are encouraged to create an account so they can track entries. You will then need to email contact@swimming.events direct of through the contact form to request an account upgrade to ‘Coaches permissions’ and this will allow you to view all of your swimmers that have entered so far.

As soon as your internal deadline passes you will need to email contact@swimming.events or wingalateam@gmail.com with one line saying ‘ACCEPT (Your club name)’S ENTRIES NOW. At this point we will count your clubs entries as submitted and any swimmers who enter following this time will be immediately rejected. If we are oversubscribed, the last clubs to email and ‘Submit’ will be rejected until we can run the gala within the time we have allocated.

Coach Passes: An additional admin fee of 50p has been placed on each swimmer entering the gala. This is to contribute to the poolside passes. These will be allocated in the ratio of 1 pass per 10 swimmers. Additional passes can be purchased for £5 each. (This is a slight change to the conditions but works out the same). Individuals and clubs with less than 10 swimmers will still be entitled to 1 poolside pass.

Any questions about the above can be directed to either of the emails above and you will be responded to accordingly. We hope you enjoy using the new system and we look forward to seeing you and your swimmers at our 2018 Christmas Development Meet!