Gala Entry Requirements and Procedures

As you will be aware we have a large number of competitive swimmers in our club and it is the role of just a couple of volunteers to ensure your swimmer's entries are entered correctly and on time to galas so they can compete.  In order to do this efficiently and effectively the club needs your help.  Outlined below are some new rules that we need to enforce to ensure your swimmer is entered into the competitions they wish to enter:

Any entries that do not comply with the requirements below will be rejected, with a number indicating which rule to visit to explain why.
Please do not rely on the Gala Entry Team to find your errors and get back to you before the closing date; it is your responsibility to check and submit a correct entry.
FYI - all closing dates are on the gala calendar page, please check this regularly.
1. Please read Promoter's conditions before entering to make sure your child meets any qualifying times and any other criteria specified by the meet organisers
2. Submit the entry on the correct form  (usually, but not always, the club entry form)
3. Provide accurate ASA Numbers
4. Provide Accurate DOB
5. Accurate PB race times if required (usually available your member PB page)
6. Accurate details on where the race times were swum
7. Accurate dates on when the race times were swum - NEW RULE
8. Ensure your entry prints to 1 page - NEW RULE

9. Email entries to both email addresses. You need to check each gala page separately to see where to send it to. Email addresses change as volunteers come and go and for different levels of meets.

10. If more than one child competing we need a separate email for each child's entry - NEW RULE
11. Do not put different gala entries on same email / e.g. cheshire graded & percy mason - NEW RULE
12. Late entries will not be accepted. If you are away, please plan ahead and keep in contact when you are away.
13. We will be sending a quick "received" reply from one of our email addresses to all entries we receive to iron out any email problems.  So if you don't get one you need to chase this up before the deadline date. - NEW RULE
14. Once the entries have been keyed, a list will be published on the website, you will be notified to check your entry and notify us of any corrections by the date stated. - NEW RULE

Most people already do the majority of the things stated above, however we need everyone to work together to support the Gala Entry Team in this often difficult and thankless task. 
Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards
Diane Christopherson
WASC Club Secretary