Head Coach - Dan Goodwin

Coaching Qualification
ASA/UKCC L3 Senior Coach
Swimming & Coaching Background
Many moons ago as a little nipper I joined Satellite Swimming Club to start my long journey through the competitive swimming and coaching game. I was at Satellite SC for well over 10 years and in my time there was lucky to train with many outstanding swimmers and coaches. I managed to reach a good National level, but more importantly the experience gained at this club was invaluable for my future ahead. As my swimming career was coming to the end, fate brought me into the coaching game and from there my career as a coach grew and grew. I have worked at three main clubs Dane Valley, Wirral Metro and now at Winsford Swim Team. In total I have been in coaching for just over 10 years now, I have been very fortunate to work with so many talented, hard working and honest children and young people. Over my time I have worked with all level of swimmer from absolute beginners in competitive swimming to National Medalist and beyond. It is these experiences with all the different swimmers and coaches I have known over the years, which has helped shape me into the coach I am today. I hope to remain in coaching for many more years to come and to continue to help all swimmers in their wonderful journey through competitive swimming. 
Coaching Philosophy
I am in coaching for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to help each and every swimmer to reach their dreams. I am passionate about swimming and our swimmers, I am a firm believer that with discipline, commitment and belief anything is possible. At Winsford we are very hard working and we all work together to achieve, we are a team in everything we do. We have unity, we have respect and trust in each other, and that is what makes us so strong.