Winsford ASC Code of Conduct

Summary of Membership Rules & Code of Conduct

The object of the Club is the promotion and encouragement of the art of swimming, survival skills and life-saving, and the promotion of an active, competitive swimming squad. The promotion of diving will be on the basis of prevailing guidelines from the ASA or other appropriate bodies.

Lesson & Squad members:

  1. Membership shall be for one year only, with subscriptions set at the previous AGM.
  2. No Members whose subscriptions are in arrears shall be allowed to take part in any competition or activity held by the Club.
  3. Any member missing four consecutive lessons out of twelve, unless there are extenuating circumstances, will have to forego their place in the class, and will have to re-apply for lessons.
  4. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner toward coaches and other members.
  5. No members are to engage in any activity which could create safety problems for themselves or others.

Swimmers' Welfare:

  1. The Club will only accept responsibility for the welfare of a swimmer during the designated sessions and only whilst the swimmer is taking part.
  2. Once the swimmer leaves the session they are no longer the Club's responsibility.
  3. Parents/guardians should ensure that they are on time to collect the swimmer, and that the swimmer is aware of the required behaviour.
  4. Children under the age of 8yrs should not be left unaccompanied.
  5. Swimmers attending galas (especially away galas) should have an adult responsible for them. If you are unable to attend you should request another adult to accept responsibility for them. Coaching staff cannot perform poolside duties and be responsible for every team member.

Only authorised personnel shall be admitted poolside.

Parents/Guardians are not to go on poolside during training sessions unless requested to do so. If you wish to speak to any of the coaches please do so at the end of a session.

Only personnel with coach passes are permitted poolside at open galas, and only required personnel at Club galas.