City Of Liverpool Meet - REPORT

Over the weekend of the 7th & 8th of April Winsford Swim Team took 15 swimmers to the annual City of Liverpool Spring LC National Qualifying Meet. This was the second opportunity for our swimmers to post times in a Long Course pool which will hopefully be good enough for National Qualification.
Over the two days of competition Winsford Swim Team achieved 27 Medals:
GOLD: 12
Not only did we achieve 27 medals but we also achieved numerous top 8 placings and a very high percentage of New LC PBs. The results over the weekend were very good and extremely encouraging leading into the North West Swimming Championships of which the Youth take place in under three weeks time. A number of our swimmers stand in a very good position in the National Qualification tables and I am sure all of these swimmers will be looking to swim even faster in three weeks time. It is clear to see as each LC meet goes by our swimmers are learning and improving on their LC racing strategies, this will stand us in good stead in Manchester.
Overall a very good weekend of racing, with a huge number of positives to takeaway and to build on for the North West Championships.
Medal winners and Top 8 were:
Jay Cushen (15) GOLD 400 IM, GOLD 200 Free, GOLD 200 IM, GOLD 100 Free, GOLD 200 Fly, GOLD 50 Fly, GOLD 50 Free, SILVER 100 Brst, SILVER 50 Brst,   
Lottie Howman (14) GOLD 100 Free, GOLD 200 Free, SILVER 800 Free, SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 50 Fly, BRONZE 400 IM, 4th 200 Fly, 5th 50 Free, 6th 100 BK,    
Will Murray (16+) GOLD 100 Brst, GOLD 50 Brst, BRONZE 200 Brst, 
Ethan Wright (16+) GOLD 400 IM, GOLD 1500 Free,  
Ethan Jones (16+) GOLD 100 BK, SILVER 50 BK, BRONZE 200 BK, 
Henry Oliver (16+) SILVER 1500 Free, BRONZE 400 Free,
Theo Oliver (13) SILVER 1500 Free, BRONZE 400 Free, 
Finn Armitt (16+) SILVER 200 Fly,   
Rory Armitt (14) 5th 400 Free, 7th 200 Free, 
Alex Moss (16+) BRONZE 1500 Free,  
Will Deeming (16+) 4th 200 BK, 5th 200 Fly, 7th 100 Fly, 
Josh Wilson (16+) 4th 50 Brst, 
Harvey Zwijnen (14) 5th 200 BK, 7th 50 BK, 8th 400 IM,   
Katie Woodbridge (16+) 6th 200 Fly, 7th 50 Fly, 8th 100 BK, 8th 50 Free,   
Tom Carss (14) 7th 400 IM,  
NB: Any errors above please let us know.
Competitors were:
Alex Moss, Charlotte Howman, Ethan Jones, Ethan Wright, Finn Armitt, Harvey Zwijnen, Henry Oliver, Jay Cushen, Josh Wilson, Katie Woodbridge, Rory Armitt, Tom Carss, Theo Oliver, Will Deeming, Will Murray.
Well Done to all our swimmers.
As always many thanks to our Team Managers: Nigel Woodbridge, Helen “no orange highlighter, but gives out love hearts and wine gums!” Wilson and Sue Wright who all did a tremendous job for our swimmers and for me.
I know I am going off on a complete tangent here but: As I started my engine in my car and about to set off home after a full weekend of racing, on the radio came on a song called “I can’t quit” by the Vaccines, so I turned it up full blast to try and burst my ear drums. Google the song in YouTube and watch it and listen as this song applies to swimming and everything we do in life. Never quit, keep going no matter what, if you do that you are a champion whether you win medals or not. I just thought I would share this with you because it was like God talking to me through the radio and giving us a message! 
Anyway!!! Less than 3 weeks until NW Regional Youth, here we go again, see you at the pool.
Thanks Dan.

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