City of Liverpool National Meet 2024 - REPORT

Over the Easter Weekend of the 30th & 31st March, Winsford Swim Team travelled to the City of Liverpool National Meet. With 32 swimmers taking part from a range of ages and experiences it was sure to be a very egg-citing weekend! The meet had a few objectives;
  1. To gain experience of LC racing in the lead up to the Regional Championships.
  2. To try and gain new Regional Consideration Times.
  3. To register National Ranking Times.
  4. To fulfil our skill and technique process goals.
But above all else we were looking to race with a real desire and purpose so lessons could be learnt for the LC meets later in the window. With it being Easter we were also looking to have lots of fun, racing as a team.
The results over the weekend were egg-cellent, with all swimmers giving their all against a large number of competitors from right across the North West of England and further afield. To be honest I think it was the busiest City of Liverpool Meet I have ever seen, and with this it brought some seriously competitive racing, of which needless to say we relished. 
We as a team gained 10 GOLD, 12 SILVER, 11 BRONZE which gave us a grand total of 33 medals, which we as a club were egg-static about.
Many thanks to Dani Stonier, Matt Pearce, Gemma Barnett and Sue Wright for helping with team managing, and to Molly James for covering the early morning shift for the 800 & 1500’s, especially with the clocks going forwards on Sunday morning leaving us all with an hour less in bed, which I have to say is a crime to the human race! Also thanks to all officials from Winsford Swim Team - Jackie Schillinger, Reece Craghill, Nickie Ma, Nina Jackson and Stuart Fraser.
Many thanks to all swimmers who represented Winsford Swim Team, I have to say you were egg-celent, there was no yolking around just a team of athletes wanting to try their very best, and that is all we could have asked for, so well done.
Medal Winners:
Luke Nevin Suarez (13): GOLD 200 Free, GOLD 200 IM, GOLD 100 Free, GOLD 50 BK, GOLD 400 Free, SILVER 100 Fly, SILVER 50 Fly, SILVER 100 BK, SILVER 50 Free, BRONZE 200 BK, 
Kate Schillinger (14): GOLD 200 IM, GOLD 200 BK, GOLD 50 Free, SILVER 200 Free, BRONZE 400 Free, BRONZE 100 Brst, 
George Pearce (13): GOLD 100 Brst, GOLD 50 Brst, SILVER 400 IM, SILVER 200 Brst, BRONZE 200 IM, 
Ruby Stonier (11): SILVER 50 Free, BRONZE 50 Brst, 
Hattie Lawson (12): SILVER 200 Brst, BRONZE 50 Brst, 
Gus Fraser (13): SILVER 200 Fly, BRONZE 100 Fly, 
Jessica Barnett (12): SILVER 200 BK, 
Molly Brennan (16+): SILVER 100 BK, 
Eris Coxon (11): BRONZE 200 BK, BRONZE 50 BK, BRONZE 100 BK, 
Sophie Grindley (16+): BRONZE 200 Fly, 
Winsford Swim Team Competitors:
Adam Wright, Charlotte Peel, Ciaran Turner, Cole Staley, Connor McVicar, Conor Jackson, Edward Ma, Eleanor Ma, Eris Coxon, Fraser McVicar, Freya Querelle, George Pearce, Gus Fraser, Hannah Keegan, Hattie Lawson, Isabelle Fletcher, Jefferson Jones,  Jessica Barnett, Kate Schillinger, Luke Nevin Suarez, Logan Buckley, Molly Brennan, Molly James, Molly Lloyd, Neve Horne, Penelope Harrison, Ruby Stonier, Serena Standring, Sophie Grindley, Talia Coxon, Toby Latimer,
Now that the Liverpool meet is over we look forward to the British Championships which double up as the Olympic Qualifiers. Lois Inch and Amy Kenworthy will be competing this week on Wednesday and Thursday, it will be on TV of which more information can be viewed here: https://www.britishswimming.org/news/general-swimming-news/british-swimming-confirm-landmark-broadcast-deal-aquatic-sport/
We also wish our Junior swimmers the very best for their camp to Moreton Hall which takes place between the 8th and 11th April, I am sure everyone will have a wonderful time.
We are also less than 3 weeks away from the NW Regional Championships (entries close on Wed 3rd April), all swimmers need to attend as many sessions as possible so we can go to these Championships in the best shape possible. There is no hiding places racing over the LC format!
See you at the pool.

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