Crusader Round 2

On Saturday 18th March Winsford swim Team travelled to Leek for the second round of the Crusader League.  Winsford Swim Team raced very well, achieving many top placed finishes.
On the night we managed to win the gala by a small margin.
Points were:
1st - Winsford 254
2nd - Halton 252
3rd - Leek 234
4th - Wellington 179
Thank you to all swimmers who raced for us on the night, with a special mention to those swimmers who raced over to Leek from Macclesfield.
Adam Wright, Ethan Wright, Sophie Grindley, Nina Willson, Natalie Wilson, Eden Mankee, Christian Lowndes, Katie Wilson, Olivia Morley, Izzy Kay, Rory Armitt, Alissa Blackshaw, Adam Blackshaw, Kyle Young, Jamie Young.
It was an excellent team performance, well done to all our swimmers who represented our club and thank you to Sue, Julie & Phil for managing the team and all our supporters from the balcony.

Thanks to the judges and time keepers who helped out at either Satellites and/or Crusader including a s
pecial mention to Sarah Jane Armitt who ended up officiating at both the Satellites meet, and the Crusader League - thanks for stepping up!

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