Gala Preparation For Development - Wednesday 22nd June - Parent Help Required From Both Development & Juggernaut

In the Development Session on Wednesday 22nd June we will be preparing for the gala on Saturday. We are going to have the blocks out so need some parent helpers to set them up please. If you can help, please come poolside for 6pm during the warm up (no outdoor shoes poolside please.

Lucie George and Debra Thomson, two of our lead officials, will be assisting with the session to help the swimmers understand what is legal for each stroke and what you can be disqualified for. 

We will be doing dives, turns and finishes to get this right for Saturday.

The Juggernauts will be using the blocks too, so if we could have some help taking the blocks down at 8:45pm from Juggernaut parents - that would be great.


Molly and Izzy

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