Introduction to the Swimming Season

Hello everyone, I just wanted to write a quick message to any new parents / swimmers to explain galas and the swimming season. 

So, everyone trains for different reasons, but one of the best feelings is being part of a team. Competing at galas allows swimmers to feel this sense of team spirt and gives opportunity to demonstrate their skill by racing against their peers.

How the swimming season works….

As coaches we design programmes (swim sessions) in cycles geared towards Championship swimming. 

The Championships in order of progression are: 

  1. Club Championships 
  2. North Midland Championships
  3. Cheshire County Championships
  4. North West Regional Championships
  5. National Championships

CLUB CHAMPS - all squad swimmers in TRANSITION and ABOVE - NEED to enter this EVERY YEAR for every stroke and every distance they think they might want to compete in / or you will not have valid times 

Galas are ranked 1-4 depending on their level. 

Level 1 – National and Regional standard (requires qualifying times).
Level 2 – Regional and County standard (requires qualifying times).
Level 3 – Local and County standard (may or may not require qualifying times and sometimes has upper limit times)
Level 4 - Club Championships or some Time trials 

We expect all swimmers who have qualifying/consideration times for Championships to enter and compete as these championships put our club on the map and show how well we are doing. 

They also provide opportunities for the swimmers to develop a competitive, independent and disciplined mindset. 

Here is the link to Dan’s answers to gala queries 


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