Kit Bags for Development and slight extension to Evening Training

Kit bags
Just a reminder for Development swimmers to bring their kit bags to the pool for Saturday evening training.
Extension to Monday and Friday training.
From week commencing 12th October (THAT'S NOT TODAY - IT'S FROM MONDAY) we will be slightly extending the training sessions on a Monday and Friday.
The first session will now run from 7.30-8.30pm
The second session will run from 8.35-9.35pm
Check your lane number and session time
We have had a few swimmers turning up early or late to sessions over the last week.  Please continue to check your session times as there are occasions when you may be swimming at a different time.  Also check your lane number.  Write it on your hand, arm or face if you cannot remember it. The link to check this information is here
Thank you
The Whole Team

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