Land Training Friday 9th April, 5:30pm - 6:30pm - Juggernaut Set prepared and lead by Ethan Wright.

There will be two sessions running:  

Dan will run the Juggernaut Session 
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Meeting ID: 838 3761 7131
Passcode: WASCLT2020
Michael or Izzy will run the Development, Lessons and Transition Session
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Set for Ethan's Session for Dan

Warm Up: 9 minutes

1 min Run on spot

30s Seal jacks

30s Small arm circles

30s Leg Swings 

30s Monkey Swings

30s Sit Ups

30s High knees

30s Forward arm Swings

30s Sideways Leg Swings

30s Backwards arm Swings

30s Double dip Squats

30s Triplet shadow boxing

30s Skiing

30s Upright twists

30s Chest extensions

30s Butterfly Press Ups (30 rest)

Main Set: 42 minutes. 6 boxes, 7 minutes per box

Box 1

30s 180 Squat

30s Triple Dip Squat

45s Squat Hold

15s Rest

30s Prisoners

30s Kneel Jumps

45s Kneel Lean Backs (Hold if can)

15s Rest

30s Press Ups

15s Rest

1 min Plank

15s Rest

30s Diamond Press Up

30s Rest

Box 4

30s Squat Punch

30s Squat Kicks

45s In and Out Frog Squats

15s Rest

30s Forward Lunges

30s Backward Lunges

45s Lunge Hold (foot on chair)

15s Rest

30s Pike Press Ups

15s Rest

1 min High Plank

15s Rest

30s Hindu Press Ups

30s Rest

Box 2

30s Walkouts with Shoulder Touches

30s Walkouts with Press Up

45s Walkouts with Double Press Ups

15s Rest 

30s Half Burpees

30s Burpees with Jump

45s Burpee Jump + Tuck Jump

15s Rest

30s Wide Press Ups

15s Rest

1 min Star Plank

15s Rest

30s Wide then Narrow Press Ups

30s Rest

Box 5

30s Bear Crawl

30s Bear Crawl with Pike Press Ups

45s Slow Step Burpees

15s Rest

30s Burpees with Jump & 2 Punches

30s Burpees with 2 Kicks

45s Double Press Up burpees

15s Rest

30s Butterfly Jump Press Ups

15s Rest

1 min Low Press Up Hold

15s Rest

30s Low Press Ups

30s Rest

Box 3

30s Straight Leg Raises

30s Bent Leg Raises

45s Leg Levers

15s Rest

30s Sit Up

30s Half Sit Up

45s Cross Punch Sit Up

15s Rest

30s Alternating Staggered Press Up

15s Rest

1 min Side Plank (switch after 30s)

15s Rest

30s Rocking Horse Press Up

30s Rest

Box 6

30s Backstroke Kicking

30s Dolphin Kick

45s Stand Ups

15s Rest

30s Crunches

30s V Sit Up

45s Dish Hold

15s Rest

30s Butterfly Press Ups

15s Rest

1 min Low Press Up/ high Plank Hold (on call)

15s Rest

30s Explosive OR Clap OR King Kong Press Ups

30s Rest

Stretches: (Run by Ethan)

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