Liverpool Splash 'n' Dash Report

On Sunday 18th February, as our older swimmers flew out to Lanzarote, 11 of our younger swimmers landed in Liverpool for the 50m Splash 'n' Dash.  Some of our swimmers had no experience of a 50m pool but that did not phase them, with the usual Winsford Swim Team way, each and every swimmer attacked each race with grit and determination gaining some fantastic PBs and valuable race experience. The swimmers were a joy to be with on poolside with lots of team support and happy swimmers, a credit to themselves, the club and their parents. 

Results on the day
1 Gold. - Adam Wright
1 Silver - Adam Wright
1 Bronze -Sophie George 
1 4th place
0 5th place
3 6th place
1 7th place
1 8th Place
Our swimmers today were: Adam Wright, Alicia Thomson, Caitlin Fonseca, Carla Jackson, Holly Walsh, Jack Wheeler, Joseph Rawlings, Megan Rickels, Sophie George, Sophie Grindley and Suzannah Freeman.
Well done to Debra Thomson and Lucie George today as trainee Starters preparing for their J2(s) and well done to all our Swimmers once again, and as Dan would say, "see you at the pool!"
Julie and Sue

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