Manchester International Meet 2021 - Mini report

I have just received news from Lucie George that the Manchester International Meet was a huge success, and it was very exciting for her and Debra to have the opportunity to take part at a meet where so many of our Olympic hopefuls were in attendance. Over the three days there were around 19 officials from Cheshire studying every start, length, turn, and finish, ensuring all swimmers were racing to the laws.
Hopefully all our swimmers will have been watching some, or all, of the sessions on YouTube, and taken away some added motivation for when we return to the pool, both for training and racing. Speaking to many of our swimmers before we begin our Zoom land training sessions, it is clear to see and hear that all are chomping at the bit to get back in the wet stuff, and enjoy our swimming careers once more.
Well done again to Lucie and Debra for officiating in Manchester, and thank you to all our officials who are part of our wonderful swimming club. Without having our officials, and officials from other clubs, galas and meets could not take place. 
Seeing the photo of both Lucie and Debra at the Manchester Aquatics Centre brings back very fond memories of times when we have competed there either at the Manchester open meets or the North West Regional Championships. We have had very happy times there, and there will be many more happy times to come.
It is great to see our elite still training and competing, but without grassroots sport, there is no elite sport and elite athletes of the future. I am sure Swim England will be putting our case forward for opening up pools as soon as possible, so all can enjoy the sport of swimming once more, and start the process of developing the Olympians of the future.
See you at the pool.

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