Manchester Open Meet/Stockport Spring Meet 2024 - Report

Over the Friday 10th and the weekend of the 11th and 12th of May Winsford Swim Team had 21 swimmers travel to the Manchester Aquatics Centre to race in the Manchester L1 LC Meet. This meet was the very last LC Meet of the National Qualifying window, with this in mind all swimmers were excited to give their best at a venue we enjoy racing at. 
The field was stacked with clubs coming from all over the Great British Isles and with the weather being so nice outside everybody was in a super good mood to swim their best, even if it was a little hot in the pool hall especially later on in the day.
Over the weekend the results for Winsford were fantastic, especially given we had a relatively small team in Manchester. Over the 5 sessions of competition we had 9 Medals and 26 top 8 placings, which is excellent considering we had a team of 19 in attendance. Also we had numerous swimmers improving on their national ranking which hopefully should put Winsford Swim team in a very good position in terms of the number of swimmers we have qualifying for the National Champs in Sheffield.
Thank you and well done to all swimmers who represented Winsford Swim Team in Manchester. 
Medal and Top 8 Placings
Hattie Lawson (12): GOLD 1500 Freestyle, GOLD 200 Butterfly, GOLD 400 Individual Medley, 
Jessica Barnett (12): GOLD 100 Backstroke, GOLD 200 Backstroke, 4th 400 Individual Medley, 4th 50 Backstroke, 5th 200 Breastroke, 
Kate Schillinger (14): GOLD 200 Individual Medley, BRONZE 200 Backstroke, 4th 100 Breastroke, 6th 400 Freestyle, 8th 200 Freestyle, 
George Pearce (13): GOLD 200 Individual Medley, 
Gus Fraser (13): GOLD 200 Butterfly
Adam Wright (17+): BRONZE 1500 Freestyle.
Amy Kenworthy (17+): 5th 400 Individual Medley, 
Sophie Grindley (17+): 5th 200 Backstroke, 
Serena Standring (14): 6th 50 Breastroke, 
Lily Owen (14): 7th 50 Butterfly, 8th 50 Freestyle, 
Molly Brennan (17+): 7th 200 Backstroke, 8th 50 Backstroke, 
Logan Buckley Robinson (12): 7th 50 Backstroke, 
Annabelle Chan (14): 7th 200 Butterfly.
Cole Staley (14): 7th 100 Freestyle, 
Lois Inch (17+): 8th 100 Breastroke, 
Winsford Swim Team Competitors:
Adam Wright, Alice Gooding, Amalie Gooding, Amy Kenworthy, Annabelle Chan, Cole Staley, Edward Ma, George Pearce, Gus Fraser, Hattie Lawson, Izzy Fletcher, Jessica Barnett, Kate Schillinger, Lily Owen, Logan Buckley Robinson, Lois Inch, Molly Brennan, Serena Standring, Sophie Grindley.
As people will know this was my last meet for Winsford, thank you to all swimmers for racing their very best in difficult circumstances, not only this weekend but for all the meets and championships over many years. What I have always admired is the sheer will to win, and the race with no fear attitude from all our swimmers.
I would also like thank all Team Managers over the years, they have and will continue to be a crucial part of our success. Also a big thanks to all coaches who have I have stood pool deck with over the years, not just our own coaches, but coaches from other clubs who I have developed close friendships with. I wish you all the very best for the future.
Now that the National qualifying window has closed, Winsford will look forward to finding out who has qualified for the British and English National Championships which takes place at Ponds Forge in Sheffield later this summer. I am positive we will have a super number of qualifiers, and all swimmers will look forward to the summer nationals with great anticipation for the racing ahead.
Next up is our Winsford Spring Development Meet on Saturday, GOOD LUCK to all swimmers for our meet and the remaining 3 months of the season, race fast and enjoy.
I am very proud of all our swimmers.

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