Percy Mason Meet - Report 2019

Congratulations to all swimmers who represented Winsford Swim Team at the 2019 Percy Mason L3 Meet in Warrington. Winsford had 20 swimmers competing, making up the majority of those swimmers were our age groupers with a sprinkling of junior swimmers. The purpose of the meet was to provide our swimmers with another opportunity to gain Cheshire County QTs with the deadline for entries fast approaching.
Over the weekend the results were very good with 60 Medals (Top 6 all gain medals), of which 9 were Gold, 11 Silver and 10 Bronze. Not only this but many new PBs were achieved and many more new Cheshire County QTs gained.  
Medal Winners - Top 6
Sophie George: GOLD 200 Fly, GOLD 50 Fly, GOLD 200 Free, GOLD 50 Free, SILVER 50 Brst, SILVER 100 Fly, SILVER 100 Free, BRONZE 100 Brst, BRONZE 200 IM, 
Lois Inch: GOLD 50 Brst, GOLD 200 Brst, GOLD 100 Brst, 
Jessica Goldsmith: GOLD 100 BK, GOLD 200 BK, BRONZE 100 Free,  
Erin Hardy: GOLD 200 Fly, SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 50 Free, BRONZE 50 Fly, 4th 100 BK, 4th 100 Free, 4th 200 IM,  
Joe Mather: GOLD 100 BK, SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 200 Free, BRONZE 50 Free,   
Harvey James: SILVER 200 Fly, SILVER 100 Fly, 6th 50 Fly, 6th 200 IM,  
Ciaran Turner: SILVER 50 Free, BRONZE 100 BK, BRONZE 100 Fly, 5th 50 Brst,     
Eleanor Ma: SILVER 200 BK, BRONZE 200 Fly, 4th 100 Brst, 5th 50 Free, 5th 100 Fly, 5th 200 Brst, 5th 100 Free, 5th 50 Fly, 5th 200 IM,     
Jack Wheeler: SILVER 50 Fly, 4th 200 IM, 5th 100 Free, 
Natalie Wilson: SILVER 100 Brst, 6th 200 IM,  
Ellie Davies: 4th 200 BK, 4th 50 BK, 5th 50 Fly, 6th 200 IM,  
Chris Lowndes: 4th 200 BK, 4th 200 IM, 6th 100 Free, 
Annabelle Chan: 5th 50 Brst, 
Henry Ball: 6th 50 BK, 6th 100 BK, 
Tom Carss: 6th 200 BK, 6th 50 Fly, 
Caitlin Fonseca: 6th 200 Brst, 
Harriet Carss: 6th 200 Brst,
Representing Winsford Swim Team
Lois Inch, Sophie George, Jessica Goldsmith, Erin Hardy, Joe Mather, Harvey James, Ciaran Turner, Eleanor Ma, Jack Wheeler, Natalie Wilson, Ellie Davies, Chris Lowndes, Anabelle Chan, Henry Ball, Tom Carss, Caitlin Fonseca, Harriet Carss, Charlie Barratt, Abigail Bridges, Gemma Tasker-Hall,
Many Thanks to Izzy Burton for covering the coaching on the Saturday and to Sarah Carss and Claire Turner who were team managers on the Saturday and Sunday respectively. 
Winsford Swim team will now look forward to the Christmas Meet on Saturday, I am sure all swimmers will be training hard and competing with determination to achieve more Cheshire County Qualifying Times.
Good Luck to all swimmers.

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