Recommencement of Normal Membership Fees from November

Thank you to the coaching team and the very many volunteers that have enabled us to extend our squad sessions at WASC. We communicated changes to membership fees from 1st April 2020 following ‘lockdown’.    This included:

  • Lessons and Masters - Cancelling standing order in full
  • Transition, Development & Juggernaut - Cancelling squad training fee element only leaving family membership fee payable.

This enabled us to cover ongoing costs, insurances and Swim England commitments and retain the coaching team. As we trialled a return to training in August we did not charge members any squad fees. During September and October as we increased training hours in phases we capped fees at 75%.

We continue to monitor the situation and work in partnership with Brio to adjust our procedures where required.  We have received feedback from Brio that our protocols are exemplary and they will be applying them as best practice across all of their other Lifestyle Centres.   Thank you to all our swimmers for their adherence and support.

Following successful restart we are now operating close to a full schedule for all squads and therefore plan to reintroduce normal fees from November 1st.  Could I remind you that the club have no authority to adjust the standing order on your behalf so please make sure you adjust your payment for November 1st in line with the below on time to avoid unnecessary admin for our volunteers.  

Monthly Family Membership Fee



1 Member


Transition C


2 Members


Transition B


3 Members


Transition A


























* Includes £5 long course training removed

** Masters do not pay membership fee – just the squad fee


As an example:

One swimmer in Transition B = £11 +£16 = £27.00 per month standing order

Two swimmers, one in Bronze and one in Juggernaut = £20 + £20+ £35.50 = £75.50 per month standing order.

If anyone has any questions please contact the membership team (Debra, Sarah or Suzanne) at membershipwasc@gmail.com

As a club we are fortunate to have retained the support from our members and we have seen the challenges that many other sports and clubs have faced including closure.   Obviously we continue to be unable to host Galas which have provided an essential revenue stream for the club through each season. We are exploring a number of fund raising opportunities and suggestions are welcome to Club Secretary at ClubSecWasc@Gmail.Com.

Finally I have been informed that we have quite a number of members that have not reinstated their standing orders/monthly membership fees causing a significant administrative backlog for our volunteers.   The club at the moment is carrying increased overheads due to additional staffing and Brio charges, which is eating into our reserves at a time when we have limited additional funding options.   Can I ask for your attention to this matter as our financial health is an essential foundation to our sporting performance.


Barry Keeling


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