The Christmas Meet is on this Saturday 2nd December.

Saturday morning 

Saturday morning training will be unaffected and will continue as normal. However, if you are attending the gala, consider taking the morning off and focusing on the races instead.  Especially if you are chasing Cheshire Times!

Saturday evening

There will be no training for Transition or Development on Saturday evening.

Gala Details

Details for warm ups, timeline and roles for volunteers are all available here.  

The first Winsford warm up will be from 1:05pm.  Please try and be poolside 5 minutes before your warm up starts.

If you volunteered to help, we do need you - please check the list (subject to change if people drop out!)

If you are helping set up the pool please arrive at 12:00pm.

All other volunteers please be there from 12:15pm.

Withdrawals by 8:30am Saturday 2nd December - if you know you are injured or unwell and cannot swim, or no longer wish to swim this weekend please let us know asap. You can withdraw using the "my events" section of Swimming Events up to 8:30am on the day of the gala. After that, please still let us know by emailing wingalateam@gmail.com and we will swim with empty lanes - or may reseed if it takes out a heat.  

Please don't just not show up.


Spectators will need to buy a ticket for the balcony.  This will cost £4 per session and are available here:https://swimming.events/meets/335. One per swimmer due to balcony capacity. If you have an accompanying child, please email wingalateam@gmail.com for a free child ticket allocation.


If you can, please bring a donation for the cake stall.  This will be upstairs near the entrance to the balcony. Please let Sarah know if you are bringing some: financegroupwasc@gmail.com

Gala Reminders 

Please read the following to ensure the best Gala for everyone.

•  Changing rooms - cubicles should be left clear.  There are around 30 cubicles and over 200 swimmers so Winsford swimmers - please use the group changing rooms!

•  Swimmers should remain on poolside throughout the Gala.  If you need to leave for any reason you should let a Marshall know.  It is considerably harder to send swimmers up for their races if we are having to search the building for them first.

•  Spectators should remain on the balcony and not view from the changing rooms.

•  NO phones on poolside

•  Swimmers and spectators should respect the officials' decisions - which are final.  We do not go searching for reasons to disqualify anyone and every decision is verified by multiple people.  As disappointing as disqualifications are please consider them a learning experience to find out what mistake you made and how to avoid it in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


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