Removal of two morning sessions and slight change to the schedule for Silver and Juggernaut from 12th October

We have come to the decision to reduce our morning training back to five mornings a week so we will be stopping the Thursday and Sunday morning sessions from week commencing 12th October.
This is due to the numbers dropping off since the return to school and the increase in evening training. 
Monday Morning
We have decided to open Monday morning up to Juggernaut swimmers as a possible alternative to Thursday or Sunday. 
Silver swimmers will be offered to swim on the Tuesday morning instead, as they did before lockdown.
Contact us
If you currently swim in one of the sessions that were removed and wish for an alternative session then please contact us at wingalateam@gmail.com
Also please let us know if you would like to swim in the new Monday morning session.
Who should be emailing us:
  • Thursday AM Juggernaut/Masters swimmers who want an alternative.
  • Sunday AM Juggernaut and Gold swimmers who want an alternative.
  • Monday AM Silver swimmers who want an alternative.
  • Any Juggernaut swimmers who want a Monday morning. 

The timetable is available here

Thank you
The Whole Team 

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