Time Trial Information - Saturday 24th February 2024

Just a reminder that there is a Time Trial on Saturday 24th February  This is instead of normal training.
There will be a Swim Shop available where second hand fins, paddles, race suits etc are available to buy.  
The Swim Shop will be located by the balcony doors from 4:15pm.
If anyone is free to help out in any way please let us know.
  • Set up/take down - a bit of lifting and carrying. 
  • Marshalling - either sending swimmers up for races or making sure they're in the correct lane.
  • Timekeeping - if you have the qualification (it takes about an hour or so online) you can time keep for us.  Going forward as we lose older swimmers to university we will need new timekeepers to replace them and their parents. 
Please let us know if you would be able to help by emailing Michael at wasclessons@gmail.com 
There are a few events where we have a waiting list.  If you want to withdraw for any reason (illness, injury, change of mind, other engagement etc.) you can self withdraw using the "my events" section of Swimming Events up to 8:30am on Saturday morning. After that, or if you are unsure, please let us know by emailing wingalateam@gmail.com.  Please do not just not turn up. Give others the chance to race instead.
Please look at the list on the gala page here and check what warm up group you are in.  If you are in Warm Up 1 please also check what Lane you are in.  Finally, please make sure that your child knows which group and lane they are in.  Feel free to write this on their hand if it helps
Please arrive 10 minutes before your warm up starts.
Photography and Filming 
Filming and photography may be taking place during the Time Trial for things such as GCSE PE - if you do not wish for your swimmer to be filmed (even if accidentally) please let us know ASAP. Also, let us know if you do need to film in case anyone has objected.
Other stuff
Towels - bring two.  One for patting down after each race and one for when you're done. 
T- shirt - bring a t-shirt to put on between races to stay warm.
Hats - if you have long hair it is highly recommended to wear a hat as being able to see and breath is useful.  If you want to swim faster it is also a good idea.
Goggles - if you have them bring a spare pair.  If you need them tightening make sure you do it before your race.  During isn't a great tactic.
Sweets - a small pot or packet of sweets to treat yourself and Michael after each race. 
If you have any questions on the day there will be loads of coaches, marshalls, officials etc there to answer them for you.
Thank you and see you Saturday. 

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