Update Message - 14th May 2024

Head Coach Update and more - All Squads (mainly Juggernaut)
Firstly we need to inform you that our search for a new Head Coach was unsuccessful.  This was partly expected due to the time in the season and we will be advertising again for a September start.
Session Cover
We are very fortunate to have such a strong coaching team at Winsford and have all sessions covered until a replacement is found.  We will be aiming for 2 coaches present for each training session. 
Session Plans
The coaches will all be working from one shared programme which will be tailored according to current gala schedule/training cycle. 
Morning Training
Morning training is slightly reduced at the moment with a 6.30am finish on weekdays.  We are checking with Brio and Swim England (for the insurance) if a Team Manager can oversee the swimmers from 6.30-7am.  If we can bring back the 7am finish we will do.
Monday Morning
As previously mentioned the Monday morning session will be a technique session.  To see what we will be working on go to the Juggernaut or Development page on the website.
Thursday Evening - Juggernaut A
To support the senior swimmer’s development and to hit our target of 2 Coaches per session we have asked Dave Pettengell, Dan's predecessor as Head Coach, to come and assist Izzy for the Thursday sessions.  
Dave is a L4 coach with considerable experience in taking swimmers to and beyond Nationals. 
Please remember this is a pre-booked session with a reserve list.  If you are in Juggernaut A (and not already attending) and wish to attend please email wingalateam@gmail.com.
The Committee and Coaching Team 

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