WASC Easter Monday 100 x 100m Challenge Report

Huge congratulations to our 20 swimmers who competed their 100 x 100m Marathon Swim this morning. The Marathon swim at the Olympics is 10km so it’s an amazing achievement and challenge to be able to hit this distance from a young age. Everyone made it to the end, we had no quitting, missing repititions or long stops.

Lane 4 finished first in a time of just under 2 hours 40 minutes led by Vice Club Captain Adam Wright, with lane 3 just over 10 minutes later, led mostly by Max Kimber. Lane 2 coming in very closely behind led by Holly Grant. Lane 1 showed amazing bravery being our youngest swimmers in the pool from Gold finishing in just over 3 hours 20 and having to continue their challenge into the lane swim, but they were determined to finish and did so! Lane 1 took it in turns leading and needed some extra help, so when the rest of development arrived at 8am, just one swimmer volunteered to take on the remaining 3k with them- Abel Buso, an heroic effort to help his team mates help drafting his lane to the finish.

We hope all this morning's challengers enjoyed the experience and we couldn’t have done it with the volunteers as always- thank you to John Keegan, Nickie Ma, Jacqui Jones and Zoe Coxon for counting and none stop encouragement for the swimmers. Adam Blackburn for coming down to volunteer coach at 6am! & Gemma Barnett and Reece Craghill for split lifeguarding and general maintenance help- it was quite the operation keeping our swimmers fed, hydrated & motivated! So thank you all.

We hope to run this challenge again soon for those who weren’t available this time round so keep your eyes out for further updates in the upcoming weeks for the sign up form. Enjoy the rest of your day- parents I hope you’ve had a peaceful day now with some tired children. Training back on as normal tomorrow morning. Thank you!

The Coaching Team


2 Hours 38 Minutes  Adam Wright, Molly Brennan, Harry Jones 
2 Hours 52 Minutes Max Kimber, Charlotte Peel, Charlotte Lloyd, Jess Goldsmith, Hattie Lawson ,Jessica Barnett , Toby Jones
2 hours 56 Minutes Holly Grant, Euan Atkinson,  Hannah Keegan, Holly Buckley, Sophie Brennan, Talia Coxon,
3 Hours 21 Minutes Ella Drake, Ava Lunt, Isaac Kimber, Eris Coxon

Head over to our closed facebook page for the photos!

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